Moon mode with Huawei P30 Pro is fake? Bloger accuses the company of applying textures to photos

Digital zoom in the new Huawei P30 Pro makes a huge impression, which was seen especially during the last full moon. Spilling pictures of the Moon made with a smartphone impressed, but you may find that Huawei does not tell us the whole truth.

If you are watching technological journalists in social media, in recent days you have surely found the photos of the Moon made Huaweiem P30 Pro. My tables on Facebook and Twitter were flooded with identical frames showing the fullness of the smartphone.

Slightly blurred photos of Sunday photographers may not have made a great impression of quality, but at the same time clearly showed what the Huawei P30 Pro is capable of. Until now, such possibilities were completely unavailable in the world of smartphones.

The more so because the pictures were taken in automatic mode. After a digital approximation of x50 times and pointing the smartphone to the Moon, the Huawei P30 Pro automatically activates AI mode called "Moon" and selects appropriate exposure parameters. Image stabilization also impresses.

Reddit claims that Huawei falsifies the Moon's pictures. P30 Pro is supposed to impose a higher quality moon image on the photo.

Such accusations have appeared on the Android subforum on Reddit . Chinese blogger Wang Yuexi claims that photos of the Moon made by Huawei P30 Pro are actually generated by AI and are not a photograph taken by a smartphone. In other words, the P30 Pro is supposed to impose a higher-quality Moon texture on the photo.

Bloger claims that he tested several objects that pretended the Moon so well that AI on the smartphone included the appropriate mode. In the final picture you could see that the smartphone puts its own texture on the photos. For example, a circular section of the book had a characteristic Aristarchus crater.

Theoretically, this behavior of the smartphone is possible and it would be quite simple to implement. Being on Earth, we always see only one side of the Moon due to the synchronization of the rotational and circulating motion of our satellite. The individual elements of the Moon are in the same place, and the only difference is the current phase, the degree of illumination of the visible part of the Moon. And since our natural satellite is always visible from the same side, you can use the texture of a high resolution moon to improve the quality of your photos.

If this information is confirmed, Huawei will have a big problem.

So far, I have not yet had the opportunity to confirm these reports. Our Huaweia P30 Pro test sample is currently abroad. I asked the Polish branch of Huaweia for the case, but I have not yet received an answer. If I receive a post, I will update the text.

The topic quickly picked up the media, but remember that it is easy to throw accusations without coverage. If, however, the allegations prove to be true, it will be the image disaster of Huawei and the shot in the foot. Such a strong interference in the photos is a step too far.

Moon mode with Huawei P30 Pro is fake? Bloger accuses the company of applying textures to photos


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