Microsoft has praised $ 8.8 billion. profit on clean

Microsoft has probably one of the healthiest structures in the whole world of large IT companies. The Nadella company is like clockwork, like almost always publishing amazing financial results.

According to the report presented to shareholders, Microsoft's net profit for the past quarter was $ 8.8 billion. with revenues of 30.6 billion dollars. These values ​​increased in comparison to the same quarter a year ago by 19 and 14 per cent respectively.

As almost always, the More Personal Computing division has earned the most, which includes departments that look after products such as Windows, MSN, Bing, Surface or Xbox. He noted $ 10.7 billion. income, hence 14 percent increase. Windows itself recorded a 15% increase in revenue, but only due to corporate customers: the sale of consumer licenses belonging to this collection, recorded a one-percent drop.

microsoft financial results q1 2019

Surface recorded revenues of 1.33 billion dollars. That is true, less by 0.57 billion dollars. than in the previous quarter, but it is also a 21% increase compared to the same quarter last year, with which we compare all values ​​by default. The Xbox's department recorded an increase in revenues to the level of USD 2.4 billion, but the number of active users of Xbox Live fell by a million to 63 million.

Of course, they are brilliant tools for work and for business.

microsoft financial results q1 2019

The Productivity and Business Processes division, which includes Office, LinkedIn and Dynamics, was the second best earner in Microsoft in the last quarter. It recorded USD 10.2 billion. revenues, of which a 12% increase belonged to Office's 365 and 8% to consumer services. Microsoft boasts that it currently serves 34.2 million consumer subscribers to its office services (30.6 million last year).

microsoft financial results q1 2019

Well, let's not forget about the Intelligent Cloud vertical, which consists of, among others, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows Server, Azure and GitHub. It recorded USD 9.7 billion. income, which translates into a 22 percent increase. In this set, Azure recorded a 73% increase, while server products and cloud services were 27%. Microsoft also boasted that its Enterprise Mobility department served 100 million jobs in the last quarter.

"And that's all among the numerous prime minister."

Microsoft customarily decided to remind investors what he managed to achieve during the last quarter. This is interesting in the context of analyzing the optics of the company itself and what it considers its priorities. In the first place listed Office 365, which finally came to the Mac App Store . Excel gained modules for analyzing data in pictures and applications for macOS received support for inserting 3D applications.

Microsoft Teams , a service which for many months has been indicated by the company as the "most important new", has been significantly expanded in the functions of its mobile applications, DLP (Data Loss Protection) and functions for field employees. It has also been added to the Office 365 ProPlus subscription plan.

Most important for Windows in the last quarter, according to Microsoft, was the change in commissions on the Microsoft Store - for developers, of course. As for the games, the company pointed to the premiere of Crackdowna 3 (oh ...), enlarging the Xbox Game Pass catalog, introducing a virtual currency to the Mixer service and publishing the Xbox Live SDK in the new version for iOS and Android . The company also praised the improvements in the artificial intelligence algorithms of the Bing service, although they still seem to bypass its Polish version. It is a pity, because it means that the system of recognizing Polish speech in Microsoft's products will be at the current level. Unfortunately, terrible.

Microsoft has praised $ 8.8 billion. profit on clean


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