Messenger can return to the Facebook app. The company dreams of merging Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Over the past few years, the trend of breaking down services for particular applications has dominated. One example of such action was Facebook, which separated the Messenger from its basic application. Now Facebook dreams of a reverse process: the combination of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp into a powerful super-application. Tests are already underway.

The first step on the way to connect Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger into one application is the return of the Messenger to the FB. As the users of smartphones and tablets know very well, both services are implemented through separate, dedicated applications. Older readers of Spider's Web remember, however, that in the past, nothing prevented you from chatting with friends via the Facebook application. This solution is tested again.

A test version of Facebook has been documented in the network, supported by the integration with the Messenger service.

The hybrid program took under the microscope Jane Manchun Wong - a programmer hobbistically distributing applications to the first parts. Analyzing the lines of code for the latest Facebook updates, Jane found a way to incorporate Facebook with active Messenger support. The appropriate messenger icon (Chats) appears in the upper right corner of the screen, informing you in real time about missed messages.

Jane had no problem using the Messenger directly in the Facebook app. Manchun Wong points out, however, that the communicator is very simplified with respect to the full, dedicated application. If we send a text message without a problem, taking a photo or making a video call is no longer possible. The Messenger app is still required for this. At least for now.

Application consolidation? I am like that, although I personally prefer minimalism and separation.

Do not bother me with dedicated applications that break the platform for individual services. Thanks to messenger Messenger for months I have not looked at the face of Facebook, which makes me happy. Publishers, however, can bring the fragmentation of services to the extreme. The best example of this is the PlayStation environment. In it we have separate programs from chat, group and community management, auxiliary screen, remote play and activity browsing. A total of five applications instead of one, but decent.

If Facebook is connected to Messenger, I will stay with the program dedicated exclusively to communication. I know, however, that many of my friends are still alive in the social media bubble, admiring photographs of children and holiday travels. If such people can conveniently manage Facebook and Instagram, while communicating via WhatsApp and Messenger from one convenient application, I do not mind.

Messenger can return to the Facebook app. The company dreams of merging Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


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