Meat is not needed for us. I ve checked Impossible Burger 2.0

What is it - looks like meat, tastes like meat, bites like meat? Pudlo - it's not meat. It's Impossible Burger 2.0 that I could try while visiting the Microsoft campus in Redmond .

The Microsoft campus attaches great importance to what its employees eat. There are definitely more vegan / vegetarian options here than offerings for meat lovers. Impossible Burger 2.0 is a proposal that has a chance to get one closer to the other.

Impossible Burger 2.0

Impossible Burger - what is it at all?

The second generation of "artificial meat" stormed this year's CES fair, acclaiming the sympathy of journalists from around the world. In Poland, unfortunately, we can not try it yet (although one of the Tricity burgers offers a direct competitor - Beyond Meat), so when I saw that Impossible Burger 2.0 is available on the Microsoft campus, I ordered it immediately.

For the context - almost a year ago I left the meat completely. There were many reasons (health, ecology, reason and human dignity, etc.), but enough to say that after almost a year, I do not miss meat, with one exception. I can not refuse eating a burger once a month, especially since in Słupsk I have - in my opinion - the best burger shop on the Vistula River.

Impossible Burger 2.0

Impossible Burger is therefore an ideal compromise for me. On the one hand, I do not have to give up a beloved meal, while on the other I have no remorse, consuming animals.

What is Impossible Burger made of?

In a big simplification - it's a combination of soy protein , chickpeas, emulsifiers and beetroot juice. The new generation is less caloric than the previous one, and also contains up to 30 percent. less salt.

The premise is that a piece of meat from this "burger" is supposed to look, taste and behave like real meat. And finally I had the opportunity to verify it on my own taste buds.

Impossible Burger 2.0 in practice

At first glance, it can not be said that we are dealing with something other than meat. From the outside, well-fried Impossible Burger 2.0 looks like a delicious piece of beef.

After figuring out, however, it feels like it's not quite meat, but also ... the difference is so insignificant that it is almost irrelevant. The Impossible Burger texture is similar to high-quality beef, though not as thick as real meat. The impression of being bitten, however, is very, very similar, and beetroot juice perfectly imitates the juiciness of real meat, as well as its colors.

Impossible Burger 2.0

I am not going to pass here as a culinary critic, but the taste of Impossible Burger fully satisfies the taste buds of a person who is used to very good burgers in a local restaurant. Of course, the taste also largely determines the degree of roasting and seasoning of the burger, as in the case of real meat. Impossible Burger is just the base on which the meal is prepared.

Does Impossible Burger 2.0 taste like meat?

Not completely. It must be said directly that this is not a taste of 1: 1 identical with beef. Feel that something is different and you do not have to be a culinary critic to notice it.

Nevertheless ... eating a burger from "artificial meat" did not feel disappointed with its taste. I did not feel losing anything, having a mixture of vegetable products in a bun instead of real beef. In other words: I could, without regret, replace a piece of meat in the burgerze with this creation, and live happily, without harming the living creatures.

Impossible Burger 2.0

This is the beginning of the revolution.

Scientific research is clear - a man does not need meat to live, and in addition to the necessary supplementation of vitamin B12, it does not require any changes to the body. Animal products, including meat, are not necessary in our diet (except extreme cases, usually associated with diseases), and their removal from our diet has only positive connotations, from reducing problems with the circulatory system to a radical reduction in the risk of cancer .

The only reason why we still eat meat is because ... we got used to its taste. We like to eat meat. Many people even consider their "carnivorousness" to be a source of pride.

It is difficult to eradicate such a strong habit from culture, especially where there are no arguments relating to ecology, and the potential health benefits are dispensed with "something to die for".

Impossible Burger 2.0, like Beyond Meat, have a chance to initiate a wave of change in society, allowing us to keep our habits and at the same time live in harmony with Planet.

This is, of course, only the beginning. "Artificial meat" is at an early stage of development and many more iterations are needed before we reach a level of refinement identical to real meat, able to satisfy the excessive requirements of meat eaters.

However, even what we have at our disposal today can convince many people that meat is not needed for happiness. I am waiting impatiently for the moment when Impossible Burger 2.0 will become widely available also in Poland. Then, without a shadow of regret, I will say goodbye to meat.

Meat is not needed for us. I've checked Impossible Burger 2.0


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