Lighter Facebook Messenger on smartphones and a new application for Windows and macOS

2019 promises to be a new deal for Messenger. A slimmer version of the communicator and an official Messenger client for Windows and macOS are being prepared.

During the F8 conference devoted to the future of Facebook, we learned about the news of the waiting messenger. There is something to wait for.

Messenger on a diet. The application will be heavily slimmed down.

messenger f8 2019

Facebook announced the work on the LightSpeed ​​project, which is the next step in the total reconstruction of Mesenger. The application has recently gained a new, refreshed look, but is still overloaded with features.

The new Messenger app should take less than 30 MB, and it should run in less than 2 seconds. This is a full version of the Messenger, not the Lite version. The team of Facebook developers wants to achieve this by rewriting the application code, and so - to the dissatisfaction of many people - all the weirdness of the Messenger will stay with us.

Messenger as an application for Windows and macOS.

messenger f8 2019

The second big novelty is the official applications of Messenger for Windows and macOS. In the case of Okienek, this is not electrifying information, because Facebook applications are available in the Windows Store, but Facebook plans to refresh them.

In the case of macOS, the information about the application has a much larger caliber, because currently there are no official Facebook or Messenger applications. You can use third-party chat, e.g., which most often wraps into a nice form, but this is not an official solution.

The new application is to offer a set of functions available in Messengerze, including group conversations or video chat. The application is expected to appear in 2019.

Messenger even more social.

messenger f8 2019

The Messenger will also find a feature that is designed to bring users closer to you. For now, we do not know the details, but the so-called "Digital salon", which is a separate space for sharing content. It is not known what exactly is different from group conversations, but one of the new features is to be able to watch and comment films at the same time.

All these new products are presented in high-flown words about the privacy of users, which sounds a bit funny in the case of Facebook. You can see, however, that Mark Zuckerberg wants to cut himself off from the last scandals, including the loudest, Cambridge Analytech . One of the effects is to implement the complete encryption on Messengeer, which is to be enabled by default.

Personally, I am waiting for the messenger application on macOS. I do not really trust third-party applications, so I must necessarily use Messenger in my browser. I hope Facebook will not wait long for this news.

Lighter Facebook Messenger on smartphones and a new application for Windows and macOS


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