Lidl starts with an online store. The first shopping will be done on Friday

From Friday, April 5th, we will be able to order non-food items via the online store. The discount shop surprised this information somewhat - it was not long ago that the e-commerce network would be delayed until the end of the year .

Only Lidl announced that he is launching the Lidl Plus application, and already has another novelty for his clients. The start network will add 650 industrial products such as textiles and household appliances to its store. The whole will be available on the website .

The delivery will take place via a courier who will provide us with purchases at the door.

Although the operator will be inPost, the discount does not predict the possibility of delivering purchases to Parcel Lockers in the first phase of sales. Free delivery starts from PLN 149. Shopping will also be picked up from the store.

The network declares that at the end of 2019, it wants to be included in the top five online stores operating in the non-food area. It seems quite real, considering that Lidl Plus has gained as much as 250,000 since the start, or in fact a few days. users. Lidl decided to iron the pony while it was hot, and gave the opportunity to log in to the store using the login and password from the application. And this can cause that some customers will naturally join the online store.

For fans of ecology, it may be important that the discount puts more and more on materials that can be recycled. Purchases will be delivered in cardboard boxes with a certificate. In the stores themselves, the network gave up wrapping fruit and vegetables in plastic.

Lidl also said that in the near future he intends to introduce self-service checkouts into several dozen branches. The company's representatives stress, however, that this is not the answer to savings, but rather the lack of employees on the market.

Lidl starts with an online store. The first shopping will be done on Friday


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