Lidl officially started his own application. Sale up to 60%

Information that Lidl is about to release his own rebate application has been circulating online for a long time. Some people have decided to download it without Google Play, but the app is officially active only from today.

It is slightly contradictory from Lidl that he decided to put into circulation a long-awaited application just at Prima Aprillis. Maybe it just happened. We originally announced that the software was to appear on March 15, but Lidl's press office replied that there was no chance of keeping this deadline.

The Lidl Plus app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store

At the beginning, we must provide your personal data in the form of address, email or phone number. In return, we get access to discounts and a number of useful functions.

At the start, Lidl displays coupons for bananas (60% cheaper), butter (40%) and milk (35%). Lidl Plus offers a lot of other products, mostly overvalued from 12 to 40 percent.

However, reductions are not everything. In addition to them, the application offers a convenient option to collect e-receipts (up to 30 days back), using the locator also helps determine where we will find the nearest store.

A separate section was also intended for the "Lidl Vineyard". The discount for a year and a half strongly promotes wine sales. Representatives of the network based on research came to the conclusion that Poles like to consume these spirits, do not like it for buying them. So they created a dedicated website and asked for expert opinions. In the application under the name "Lidl Vineyard" we also find stronger and weaker alcohols.

Lidl Plus also gives quick access to promotional newsletters. Those just in force, but also those that do not work yet. And that makes this part of the application really large.

To be honest, I had no idea that it was so much. Reading more on the train than two bus stops - described Matylda Grodecka, who already tested the operation of Lidl Plus .

For the German discount, launching your own application is a step (probably a bit late) towards e-commerce. Our own loyalty applications have already been Biedronka, Tesco, Rossmann and Auchan.

However, the network is not going to stop there. At the end of the year, he starts selling online, which will take place via Parcel Lockers .

Lidl officially started his own application. Sale up to 60%


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