Leica s advertising is so good that the manufacturer has big trouble in China. And with him, Huawei

Leica published a moving movie The Hunt a few days ago. This is a phenomenal advertisement that the Chinese authorities did not like. Leica has problems in the Middle Kingdom, and may also get hit by Huawei.

Leica is a company with huge photographic traditions. Today, the cameras of this German producer are a symbol of luxury, but there is still journalist DNA in them. Leica prepared absolutely brilliant advertising in the form of a short film depicting the struggles of photojournalists on various fronts.

If you are to watch one ad today, look at this one. Shivers guaranteed, especially if you're interested in reportage photography.


Leica advertising is a problem in China.

The film tells the story of several photojournalists, but focuses mainly on the famous photo of the Unknown Man - Tank Man - which on June 5, 1989 stood against the column of tanks in Tiananmen Square. It was a symbolic rebellion against the army, which the day before had been bloodily suppressed by students' rebellion, as a result of which several thousand people lost their lives (depending on the sources, from 2.6 to even 10,000 people).

The events in Tiananmen Square are a very uncomfortable topic for the government of the People's Republic of China. Any mention of a bloody massacre is censored categorically, so it's no surprise that the ad was banned in China. This time, however, the consequences went further.

Censorship included not only the advertising, but also the entire Leica company. In the Weibo social network, where the ad appeared, the authorities blocked the word "Leica" in both Mandarin and English.

This is also a problem for Huawei.

Huawei has been cooperating with Leica for several years and openly praises the fact that smartphones of top lines are created together with a German producer. The Leica logo appears not only on smartphones themselves, but also on commercials, both television and internet, as well as large-format banners in cities.

The situation is so complicated that Huawei allegedly has a connotation with the Chinese government. According to The Times , Huawei is to be partly funded by the Chinese authorities, specifically the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the National Security Commission, and even the Chinese intelligence departments. Until now, these were only speculations, but new CIA materials are supposed to confirm these assumptions.

In the face of these reports, the controversy surrounding Leica is a big problem for Huawei.

Leica's reaction is disappointing.

In response to the strained situation, Leica ... cuts off from controversial advertising claiming that the video was not funded by the Leica Group. At the same time, we know that the film was made by the agency F / Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi on behalf of the Brazilian branch of Leica, with which it has been cooperating since 2012.

The agency claims that it would never jeopardize the reputation of its client by releasing material that would not have been previously approved by the client.

As Bloomberg writes , "Leica joins the growing list of foreign brands that have been on the wrong side of the political and cultural conflict in China." The reaction of the Leica headquarters shows that the company must be very controllable. The business run with Huawei is certainly lucrative, as the Chinese are taking first place in the global smartphones market. They have overtaken Apple, and now they are only losing to Samsung.

It is very sad that Leica - a true legend of photography - in the present times deny its heritage in the name of good business relations with China. I think that many photographers will give it food for thought.

Leica's advertising is so good that the manufacturer has big trouble in China. And with him, Huawei


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