It turns out that mosquitoes are not fans of dubstep

Dubstep seems to have disappeared from the charts too soon. From research carried out by scientists, it follows that the combination of low and high frequency sounds characteristic of this music genre has a strong effect on mosquitoes ... discouraging.

The research was published in Acta Tropica , a journal on tropical medicine. Why there? Of course, it is a yellow fever (also known as yellow fever), a deadly disease that mosquitoes most often spread in tropical countries. Therefore, scientists are still looking for the perfect way to deter these insects.

There is no better prevention in the fight against any disease than effective solution, preventing its spread. Sometimes this search will lead scientists to a very strange place ...

Dubstep deters mosquitoes

When searching for the most effective way of deterring Aedes aegypti, or Egyptian mosquitoes, which very often participate in the spread of yellow fever, H. Dienga's team decided to check how they react to this work:

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites are supposedly the most effective composition in the fight against mosquitoes. I bet, however, that somewhere out there in the sea of ​​dubstep tracks there is a song that works even better. Everything boils down to the combination of low and high sound frequencies characteristic of this trend. And what, therefore, will you ask? Well, that the Egyptian mosquito female, exposed to dubstep seemed to be a bit ... scattered. This was manifested by the fact that they were much less likely to bite the volunteers involved in this study.

In addition, the second effect of dubstep on the komarzyce was to lower their libido. Somewhere, there is a joke about human libido and why dubstep fashion has passed away so quickly, but let's get back to science.

Low-frequency vibrations help insects interfere with sexual activity. However, the noise itself [or dubstep - note. ed.] disturbs the perception of signals from conspirators [members of the same species] and hosts.

So we are somewhere above the water (just the season for such trips is slowly beginning), the evening is coming, we hear all the annoying buzzing sounds, so instead of running away, we quickly turn on the dubstep playlist and after the trouble. Simple? Simple, only this dubstep could work as deterrent on me as on insects, so I do not know if this method will be accepted.

A breakthrough or another blind street of science?

Putting jokes aside, the study published in the Acta Tropica may be the first step to develop an effective method to deter these insects using sounds. In addition, LG tried this trick by advertising its LG K7i smartphone with the Mosquito Away feature as an effective mosquito repellent.

The problem, however, is that previous studies of the effectiveness of ultrasounds repelling these insects have shown that this method does not work. Such a sentence appeared in the publication of the American Association of Mosquito Control . I bet, however, that nobody has ever tried ultrasound dubstep. Maybe it's an idea.

My imagination also dies out of curiosity when it comes to the following question: how the Aedes aegypti species would evolve during a long-term study in which its representatives would listen to dubstep continuously. Evolution has already faced more serious challenges, so it probably would have somehow managed it. Fortunately, nobody will check it out.

It turns out that mosquitoes are not fans of dubstep


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