It s official. Beta testing completely new Edge browser. That of Chromium

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After months of speculation and the recent leak of an early development version , Microsoft today officially published two Edge development editions in version 75. And announces subsequent editions.

Microsoft Edge version 75 has just been officially published on Microsoft's servers . The browser is currently available in two versions. The first - marked as "Canary" - is the most experimental edition. It has to be updated every day with new code elements and test functions. This edition is only for the brave who are not afraid of the potential instability of this browser.

The second is marked as "Dev". This development version is stable enough to be tested by developers. So both by the creators of websites and web applications, as well as extensions to Edge.

chromium edge 75 beta

Both browser versions are available only for Windows 10 so far.

Soon there will also be a beta Edge 75. And also its editions for Windows 8.x, Windows 7 and macOS.

Where do you get so much confusion about the next version of Microsoft's browser? Well, this is not an ordinary update. Edge 75 is the next step in the revolution that started Edge for Android. The new version of the browser does not use proprietary EdgeHTML and Chakra mechanisms. The application is being built on Chromium, and therefore on an open source engine, the development of which is overseen by Google. Chromium is the foundation of browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Brave. Its main components are Blink and V8 engines.

Microsoft thereby abandons the technology developed by Trident for decades and its later forums. He recognizes Chromium as a standard for web browsers and intends to share his innovations with all other members of the Chromium project from now on. And, of course, use their innovations.

However, please note that Chromium describes the website processing engine itself. Google, Microsoft, Opera and others can further differentiate their browsers from other set of additional functions. We have already caught our attention on the first few from Microsoft.

chromium edge 75 beta

Microsoft, therefore, ceases to participate in the fight, which he lost loyally anyway. The company will focus its efforts on developing additions to its browser, instead of building it from scratch. This marks the end of compatibility problems with web applications with which the current Edge version could have problems. After all, not only Microsoft recognizes Chromium as a standard, but also the majority of developers of web applications.

We do not know yet when the Edge 75 will go to the beta test channel (Canary and Dev channels closer to the unstable alpha phase), to other operating systems and - most importantly - to the production channel. So far, I'm curious how the browser works on your devices. I hope you will tell me about it in the comments.

It's official. Beta testing completely new Edge browser. That of Chromium


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