It s hard to believe it s true. No more having to update Windows 10 immediately

windows 10 19h1

With the upcoming Windows 10 development update, users will be forced to have the latest version of the software. This is a bitter-sweet reason to celebrate, because the previous policy theoretically made a lot of sense.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft's policy towards updating the system has become extremely restrictive. The creators of this OS knew how reluctantly people are updating their systems, so they decided to start to force them to do so. The options for postponing updates were quite limited, especially for home users. Contrary to appearances, this idea makes a lot of sense.

Forcing everyone to be always on the latest version means that it is easier to write applications for such a platform that is programmatically identical to everyone. In addition, the updates are also the removal of defects in security, so the sooner everyone is inoculated into a new type of malware, the easier it is to suppress the potential cyberepidemia in the bud.

The idea was not bad. Microsoft, however, understood that it will always be worse with performance.

Almost every development update of Windows 10 caused problems for a certain group of users. As it turns out, it is not possible to test all combinations of hardware and software to ensure that everything will always work. The effect of this was that Microsoft was forcefully installing updates that some caused problems.

The developers of Windows finally laid down their weapons. Updates will still be compulsory, but the proposed compromise should satisfy everyone. The changes will come into effect together with the May update of Windows 10 ( version 1903 ).

Information and notifications instead of full automation of the Windows 10 update installation.

From the May update, all users of Windows 10, including Home edition, will be able to postpone the installation of each update by a maximum of 35 days. More specifically, they will be able to move its installation five times for a period of up to 7 days. Over a month of time is more than enough of it to save a dozen or so minutes for computer maintenance.

The above applies to all updates, maintenance (monthly patches to remove defects) and development (updates released every six months introducing new functions). The latter, however, will be marked longer as optional. Willing people will be able to install them right away, but they will have to express their willingness to install them themselves.

Developmental updates for the first months only for those who are willing.

For example, the May update - from which the new policy will apply - was completed by Microsoft last month. It will appear for download for those willing in the coming days, but it will only be available in the Windows Update service at the end of May. And it is also in a non-standard form.

windows 10 updates forcing

The update will be installed only if we go to the Windows Update panel and manually start the search for updates. It will not be installed automatically, although the system will notify you about its availability. This state will not last indefinitely, developmental updates will eventually be forced. But ... only when the previous version of Windows 10 will be approaching the end of the technical support period, and this period is usually as much as 18 months.

I regret a little that I did not make it.

I almost always advocate the user and his freedom of choice. Forcing the updates, however, made sense. I perceived it as the equivalent of obligatory vaccinations, which, although they violate our freedom to decide about our body, so protect the rest of society against the epidemic. Similarly: patched computers do not spread malicious software over the Internet.

Unfortunately, this idea was not only impossible to implement, it was Microsoft too long to wait for this correct conclusion. Established as from May, the compromise seems almost perfect. Although I am very interested in your opinion and I can not wait for the first comments under this text.

It's hard to believe it's true. No more having to update Windows 10 immediately


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