It looks like the OnePlus 7 will not reign in the photo rankings again

The premiere of OnePlus 7 has been just over two weeks. Now we have learned the possibilities of this smartphone's camera.

OnePlus 7 is fast approaching and arouses great interest from fans of new technologies. We already know that the smartphone will be devoid of notch, because it will be equipped with a slide camera for selfies.

OnePlus 7 - render

OnePlus ads tell of record-breaking performance and I think that there is no exaggeration. Each subsequent OnePlus showed the perfect smoothness of action provided by combining top components and a very light version of Android. This will also be the case with OnePlus 7.

Each subsequent OnePlus also showed a good, but not a sensational camera. It looks like OnePlus 7 will not be a breakthrough.

OnePlus made the top version of the upcoming smartphone - OnePlus 7 Pro - the editorial office of Wired available before the premiere. The editors praised the photos they made on the Formula 1 track.

OnePlus 7

Reports were confirmed that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be equipped with three lenses of the main camera, among them will be a module with a telephoto lens of x3. Wired editors compare this lens with the Huaweia P30 Pro periscope zoom and the conclusions are not very good for OnePlus :

The Telephoto OnePlus 7 has not blinked the zoom of the Huaweia P30 Pro. OnePlus gives slightly less detail, more noise and less contrast in medium tones. The three-fold approximation, however, is more useful than the five-fold.

The OnePlus 7 allows you to use 10x digital zoom. The telephoto lens is also responsible for providing information needed to blur the background in portrait mode. In turn, movies recorded at the x3 multiplicity are stabilized and look "pretty good".

The main OnePlus 7 camera will be a step forward in relation to the 6T model.

Wired editors emphasize that HDR mode in OnePlus 7 is much better than in its predecessor. OnePlus 6T had quite aggressive manner of pulling out lights and shadows at the cost of medium tones, which made the picture flat. This HDR type always looks cheap and impressive. In OnePlus 7, the smartphone makes sure that you do not create comic, exaggerated pictures.

What about night photography, which has always remained the Achilles' heel of OnePlus? It's supposed to be better than the last one, but the night mode supposedly processes slower pictures than the standard one.

And what can we say by looking at the parameters?

According to all rumors, the main matrix of the OnePlus 7 will be a popular Sony sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels. I have the impression that this sensor has become a gold coin for the Japanese. A lot of smartphones use this matrix, and what's more, it looks like the quality of the images served by it is very much dependent on the software.

honor view 20 camera review

Top Honor View 20 is an example of the fact that the Sony sensor can give a nice and very detailed picture. The flagship Xiaomi Mi 9 shows that the same matrix can have its moments, but generally does not shine. On the other hand, the mid-level Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 shows that the Sony matrix can give quite average results.

As a result, Sony can sell one sensor for smartphones from various price levels, and the quality of the photos depends very much on the software. Thus it is difficult to say how the camera will behave in OnePlus 7. However, it is known that - again - the smartphone will not play in the first division of mobile photography.

But does One Plus 7 have to win photo rankings?

Probably not. The strength of this brand is above all the combination of performance and reasonable price. We do not pay horrendous amounts for the smartphone, so at the same time we have to take into account certain cuts. So far, OnePlus has done them very sensibly. The camera has always been a bit injured, but if it is able to provide good quality, it may not be worth breaking the copy for it to be outstanding. Especially if it would involve a clear price increase.

So far we do not have all the information about the OnePlus 7 camera. We have to be patient and wait until 14 May, because that's when the premiere of this device will take place.

It looks like the OnePlus 7 will not reign in the photo rankings again


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