Is that a bird? Is this a plane? No, it s an iron man in virtual reality on PSVR goggles - first impressions

I knew exactly what was going on when I was going to show new games on virtual reality goggles from Sony. The company in New York has once again shown that it cares for superhero fans. Marvel's Iron Man VR is a hit.

The producer of consoles from the PlayStation family has several aces in the sleeve in this generation. Last week, on Monday, the first edition of State of Play was announced , which is a video broadcast of full trailers and announcements. We learned a bit more about the plans of the Japanese company and its partners for the coming months.

You can immediately see that games on PSVR goggles are in the center of Sony's interest.

At the end of March, I went to New York to write new titles for my virtual reality. The creme de la creme presentation, during which I could look at a total of eight new, diverse games, was the newly announced Marvel's Iron Man VR from the studio of Camouflaj.

This game confirms that Sony and his partners really like superheroes. Only a few months ago, the phenomenal Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games hit the PlayStation 4. Now it's time to put on his fellow gamer in virtual reality goggles.

It is surprising that Marvel's Iron Man VR was created in secret for two years.

Sony betrayed the existence of a new Marvel comic book game only during the first State of Play transmission. Thus, the company slightly spoiled the surprise - going to a party called the PSVR Showcase, I already knew what to expect. However, this did not take away the joy of flying in the sky.

ps vr showcase 2019 new york

The possibility of embodying Iron Man just a few days after the announcement of the game was a fantastic experience for the geek. There is something amazing about flying in virtual reality. After a few minute show, I'm convinced that this title will be called must-have for owners of PSVR goggles.

At the outset, you only have to point out that the new game does not have much in common with the Disney movie hits.

Both in the case of Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games and in the new game of Camoflaj, players will get to know the fresh incarnations of the title characters. As in last year's production about Peter Parker, now in the case of Tony Stark it will be a story of a mature hero who already has a lot behind him.

Ryan Peyton, the director of the new game from Camoflaj Games, stated during a conversation that took place right after the show that there was no point in showing the next origin story . And all the luck! After all, most of the recipients of the game thanks to comics and movies have a general idea of ​​where Iron Man came from and what he can do.

It was also a pleasant surprise that Tony Stark already almost at the beginning of Marvel's Iron Man VR gives control over his company Pepper Potts.

Although I did not have the opportunity to see the intro to Marvel's Iron Man VR, the show featured two stages and one scene scenario. All three fragments came from the prologue. The initial mission is a typical introduction, in which the player as Iron Man shows off near his home.

marvel's iron man vr playstation psvr

House in this context is obviously understatement and euphemism. Stark, as befits a millionaire, is the owner of a villa above the cliff. So I went for a moment alongside sharp rocks and sheets of water, hitting - or not - into glowing circles, smashing holograms and shooting repulsors to imaginary targets.

I understood right away that the game will need a solid tutorial.

It is not even about the fact that the control is complicated - flying is almost intuitive. I only had problems with twisting. However, it is largely due to the service of the stand, which revealed that people playing in front of me had difficulties with some maneuvers. Probably it would be in my case.

I was saved by the fact that at the beginning I received some good advice. I hope that players who play at home will receive them directly in the game before playing. Marvel's Iron Man VR is not a shooter on the rails, only a racial action game. You can move in almost any plane.

Two Move controllers are used for navigation.

The superhero's gloves are an extension of his drive. This is why, to speed up, you need to point your palms upright. You can also use the optional acceleration after pressing the main button twice in the controller or hit something with your fist by pressing a cross or circle on the controller.

marvel's iron man vr playstation psvr

A separate issue is shooting repulsors. To do this, raise your hands and point the palm of your hand towards the enemies. The hero will hang in the air, and the viewfinder will appear on the display in his helmet. Just direct them to the enemy and press the other Move's main buttons to destroy the enemy.

I used skills acquired during the training a moment later in a story mission.

Tony Stark moved after cutting to the plane, where he talked with Pepper Potts about advancing the woman as CEO in his company. The millionaire aircraft, however, was attacked by mysterious drones. The hero at this moment effectively jumps out of the unsealed cabin. Of course, without a parachute.

After a short video, a scene takes place, during which Stark flies through the air and with the help of her assistant Friday, who is the personification of the artificial intelligence managing the armor of Tony, he dresses up the next elements of his outfit. It was the most cinematic theme in the whole demo.

After setting up the last part of the Iron Man armor, he starts to meet his persecutors.

It turns out that the plane of Tony and Pepper attacked Ghost drones, which Iron Man had to liquidate. The next stages of the war were like clashes with successive waves of enemies protecting the boss in typical platformers. In addition, Marvel's Iron Man VR proved quite demanding at the same time.

marvel's iron man vr playstation psvr

Orientation in space, direction control and flight speed, and aiming at repulsors, when several enemies in different planes around the summer require concentration and practice. However, without much difficulty, I finished the demo, the finale of which was to rescue Pepper from the falling wreck.

A pleasant surprise was the main opponent in Marvel's Iron Man VR.

Because we're dealing with a mature hero, it's not Mandarin or Justin Hammer. Ghost became him. In comics, maybe it's not Tony Stark's nemesis, but he would be on the list of the five most important enemies. In the case of the game, however, this is a slightly different version of this character than usual.

The difference with the source material is that Ghost is a woman here. Interestingly, the same villain after the change of gender to female became an antagonist in last year's film Ant-Man and Os. Ryan Patson of Camoflaj Games, however, argues that the developers and filmmakers came up with this idea independently.

In the full version of the game there will be other characters from the comics.

Ryan Patson was very careful not to say that they would be other superheroes and he emphasized that it was about the character . When asked about the link between Marvel's Iron Man VR and Studio Camoflaj and Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, he said that games are not related to the same universe.

marvel's iron man vr playstation psvr

My interlocutor suggested, however, to expect easter-eggs and feel something that in the course of the game will appear a few more or less expected guests. At the moment, I do not know exactly who, except Tony, Pepper, Friday and Ghost, expect. Another version of Spider-Man? Captain America? Hulk?

We'll find out soon enough.

The premiere date of Marvel's Iron Man VR is not yet known, but the new superhero game on PSVR goggles will go on sale later this year. I do not deny that I attach great hopes to this title. He has the chance to join in the ranking of the best virtual reality games for Superhot and Beat Saber .

I keep my fingers crossed with the promising mechanics to go the length of the game. I realize that goggle sessions on the head are shorter than those with pads in hand, and games on PSVR have a smaller target group than classic titles, but I'm worried about whether Marvel's Iron Man will end too soon.

I have a trauma after Batman: Arkham VR.

The game on PSVR goggles referring to the series of games about the adventures of Bruce Wayne from Rocksteady studio, mimed the players that they would be able to feel like Batman. And for a moment it was like that when the hero descended into the cave and slowly dressed in an iconic costume. Then, however, the spell breaks.

Batman: Arkham VR in practice was more like a technological demo than a full-fledged game. The player wandered around the statistical scenes, on which he moved by leaps and bounds. The goal of the player was to solve some little sophisticated puzzles like in an old point-and-click adventure.

ps vr showcase new york

Fortunately, it is not promised that Marvel's Iron Man VR will share the fate of the game from a competitive stall.

Although in the game there is a motif of dressing in the armor like in a movie, but the action takes place. I was also assured that there will be several mechanisms - such as new weapons to unlock, including a cannon fired straight from Stark's chest - which will encourage you to play again after completing the campaign.

There is also a chance that Marvel's Iron Man will work as a quasi-party title. It is not foreseen, as far as I know, competition mode, but apparently only two minutes pass from the start of the game to taking control of the costume. Often in games on PSVR you have to wait for the action indefinitely.

All you need to do is remember that there is nothing to expect from a photorealistic graphic design.

Iron Man VR in this respect does not disappoint only because I did not have high expectations. However, this is not a complaint. Simply because of the need to render much more pixels per second than in classic games, the titles on the PSVR goggles look like from the previous generation.

Next generation consoles did not impress with their performance on the day of release. I maintain the view that in VR better suited for today game style a la TRON, in which the world is presented digitally generated geometric shapes, but titles such as Marvel's Iron Man VR is also a place and demand.

Marvel's Iron Man VR is just one of many games that Sony boasted at the show in New York. Other demos in which I had the opportunity to play during the PSVR Showcase event, I will describe in the next material.

Is that a bird? Is this a plane? No, it's an iron man in virtual reality on PSVR goggles - first impressions


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