iOS 13 will make the iPad more deserved the Pro name

At the beginning of June, Apple will present new versions of its operating systems. This year, we can expect many interesting new products in iOS.

As reported by 9to5Mac , iOS 13 will bring many changes and news. At the top of the list, of course, was a dark mode, like the one implemented in macOS 10.14 last year.

New on iOS 13

System dark mode is one of the most anticipated novelties in iOS. I do not take these expectations out of thin air. In all applications that enable this, I have enabled the dark version of the interface. In this way I use even Things, Feedly, Twitter, Messenger , Slack, YouTube. Of course, there is a lack of system dark mode, because the intelligent color inversion function in Screen Convenience in iOS settings is just a substitute. Add this to the fact that turning it on turns off True Tone, which means adjusting the screen to the environment, to - as Apple puts it - "ensure consistency of displayed colors regardless of the conditions."

Many of the novelties described in iOS 13 will be primarily about the iPad. This makes sense, especially in the case of iPads Pro, which, apart from name and efficiency, is still difficult to define as tools for professionals. The return occurred in iOS 11 when the iPad gained a lot of features, including refreshed dock, split view and slide over functions. Thanks to them on the iPad you can use more than one application at a time or use a hanging window . Undoubtedly, it makes work easier.

The natural consequence of the multitasking work in iOS will be the possibility of using multiple windows within one application. They are to be movable on the screen. We will attach them to the edge and stack them one on top of the other. 9to5Mac compares this function to the PanelKit interface, which you can read on GitHub .

On iOS 13, you will see a gesture to undo the entered text on the iPad screen keyboard. Tapping the screen with three fingers and gesturing to the left or right will result in undoing and redoing the action.

The Safari browser on iPad is also required to request the full version of the site by default, and not, as currently, to load the mobile version of the website.

What else will iOS 13 bring?

Among the expectations, changes in are also mentioned. The mail should be sorted by categories (eg newsletters, shopping, etc.). The problem will also not be cooperation with office applications of other companies (eg Microsoft Office). The Reminders app is also waiting to be redesigned.

Will Marzipan be the most important?

New in iOS is important for many users, but in practice a more important change will be the presentation of the Marzipan project. It offers the opportunity to write universal applications for iOS and macOS . During WWDC, Apple will probably present a set of tools (SDK) that enable the creation of applications running on iPads (and in the future also iPhones) and Macs.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will start this year on June 3. At Spider's Web we will be reporting a presentation that will open the conference.

iOS 13 will make the iPad more deserved the Pro name


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