Intelligent house according to LG is not futuristic glamor, but nice to look at and comfortable accommodation

Thinking about a smart home, about the flats of the future, I have a vision of futuristic design, full of all kinds of currently inaccessible devices. However, at first glance, an intelligent home will not be different from its analogue counterpart.

I had the opportunity to find out in Madrid, where the Innofest 2019 conference hosted by LG took place. This is an annual event of a Korean company, during which you can familiarize with virtually the entire portfolio of the company's products. This time, however, it was decided not to expose them to sterile conditions, but to place them in a real home.

It was a hit.

I do not know a normal person who is able to admire even the most advanced refrigerator or washing machine located at the exhibition. What else, when the same equipment is placed in its natural conditions, is part of a well-thought-out and very nice design, and also communicates with other devices located in its environment.

The latter is crucial because most of the equipment on the market is not compatible with each other. I can see it after my apartment. My Philips TV works with Hue lighting, but not with the LG fridge and washing machine, which are fastened together in a separate SmartThinQ ecosystem. The house is also run by Roomba, for control which I need a separate application.

This entire mess just a few months ago was impossible to grasp. At that time, however, Google Assistant came into Poland and partially sorted out the situation, thanks to which I can use almost all of my equipment from one application. I mention this because the LG ecosystem is largely based just on the Google Assistant, so you can add to it the equipment of other brands, without losing any additional opportunities. The whole can be controlled from a smartphone or TV, such as an OLED screen with 4K resolution or even 8K, which LG also presented at Innofest 2019.

What intelligent devices does LG offer?

The correct answer to this question is "all" and I am talking here as a user of many home appliances from LG. It is difficult to find in the offer Koreans things that are not part of the home ecosystem. This applies even to devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers and clothes refreshment devices, such as LG Styler.

LG refrigerators allow you to remotely monitor their work, adjust parameters and run a quick cooling mode of things in the freezer. The perfect option when friends are coming to you soon after work. The air-conditioner allows you to quickly cool the entire apartment or at least the room. The washing machine offers the possibility of adding additional programs to it, which are not useful in everyday use.

And in addition, all of the above mentioned devices have the Smart Diagnosis function, which allows you to easily locate the type of fault in malfunctioning equipment. I had the opportunity to use this last function when the washing machine did not bring out water. The application told me what it was about, so I knew to clean the filters and drain pipe to solve the problem. It helped.

An intelligent home is not a future. It's the present.

We can already use many intelligent solutions and it is worth remembering when we choose household appliances. When I was choosing the equipment of a new flat a year ago, I did not really care about it, because every equipment worked in its own ecosystem.

The introduction of the Google Assistant, however, has changed this and if I had to re-equip the house, I would pay more attention to whether my appliances are really Smart. I would do it all the more so because the intelligent features that I thought was a superfluous addition were ultimately very useful.

Intelligent house according to LG is not futuristic glamor, but nice to look at and comfortable accommodation


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