In Plus you choose freebies. Because not everyone loves series, is a fan or music lover

Attracting our attention with promotional access to some service only works for some of us, in fact, this service is interested. By opting for a new subscription in Plus, we can decide for ourselves what is attractive for us.

Already the day after tomorrow, on April 25, a new consumer subscription will be added to the Plus offer. The fee for him is PLN 70 per month. It will include unlimited conversations, text messages and MMSs for all networks as well as unlimited Internet access - although after transferring 24 GB the bandwidth will be limited to 2 Mb / s by the end of the settlement month.

This subscription, however, distinguishes additional services. Firstly, Tidal goes for the first time, so one of the most interesting music services on the market. Secondly, we will decide about the free gifts we will get in exchange for joining Plus.

We will choose additional services in Plus by ourselves. From April 25 a new subscription.

plus a free subscription

One of the three services offered by Plus will be selected. One musical, one movie series and one for fans. You certainly know them all, but to remind you:

  • Tidal, a novelty in the Plus offer, is a service that allows you to listen to music on demand in high quality both online and offline, containing millions of songs by Polish and foreign artists, as well as
  • HBO Go is a service valued by viewers all over the world, where you can watch movie hits and iconic series on various hardware platforms: PC, tablet, phone or TV.
  • The IPLA Polsat Sport Premium package, ie live and in high quality all UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches and related special programs: pre and post-match studies with analyzes and expert comments.

plus a free subscription

New variants of subscriptions will also appear in the Plus for Business offer. The voice offer for PLN 70 net with unlimited services will receive a twice larger Internet packet of 30 GB and a higher speed after its use allowing free Internet use (2 Mb / s), and all additional services are available after activation for the subscription price. : Business advisor, Device service, Company's Central Office, Lawyer and Secure Internet.

In Plus you choose freebies. Because not everyone loves series, is a fan or music lover


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