In a few days, taxi drivers will block Warsaw. There are companies that are already enjoying it

It would seem that a strike is one of the stupidest ideas for forcing its reasons. Especially one that results in blocking the entire city center and the rage of thousands of people getting stuck in cars, buses and trams. Taxi drivers, however, try to effect. And perhaps they will soon be able to discourage the majority of customers.

How has Uber gained popularity in London? Well, in such a way that against the application of the street taxi drivers left and blocked the main streets. Until then many passengers did not even know about the existence of the platform. Her biggest opponents boosted her.

It was 2014, Uber as a brand was really just crawling. It is surprising, however, that taxi drivers have not learned from this yet. Since then, subsequent protests had a place, apart from London itself, also in other capitals of Western Europe.

Our taxi drivers also show such short-sightedness. On April 8, they are preparing an invasion of Warsaw and announcing the greatest protest in history. The driving force behind the action is Ele Taxi, but the drivers will also appear in the capital. from Krakow, Tri-City and Silesia.

I bet that the turnout success of this event will also be a nail for the entire industry.

Because, as in the blocking of roads in London, customers in Warsaw also learn through the manifestation that the capital offers more and more alternative ways of moving around the city.

The examples of Uber and Bolt are a bit trite. In the case of previous manifestations, applications gave discounts to customers, and at the time when taxi drivers burned fuel by traffic jamming, they collected benefits for keeping cold blood. This time, however, they do not advertise with additional discounts. Maybe they do not have to. They are already recognizable enough that customers will know what to do when classic taxis resign from serving passengers.

The situation is similar in the case of MyTaxi and iTaxi. Both applications employ taxi drivers, but their research shows that 40 percent. of these strikes, he does not support this strike. And the intermediaries themselves also cut themselves off from blocking roads as a form of protest.

MyTaxi decided to promote a new service. Recently, it has offered electric scooters under the Hive brand. On April 8, we'll be able to test them for free for the first 20 minutes.

In our opinion, convincing about the problems of the industry should be carried out in a constructive way. We make our drivers aware of the fact that the radical step of striking Warsaw will not bring the desired effect when it comes to influencing the rulers, but only disrupts the city's inhabitants to our industry once again - comments Krzysztof Urban, ManTaxi's managing director.

Is this a real alternative? Considering how long a string of pedestrians pulling along one of the main streets of Warsaw I saw during the last AgroUnia strike, this concept may make sense. Many people are traveling by bus or tram to the center and are limping for 2-3 km before the destination. And then the scooter will be as it was found. It's hard to imagine a better advertisement.

The protest also fell from innogy heaven. The power supplier together with the ING bank has just launched the BMW i3 electric rental company . Calculations, such as those made by Maciej Samcik on the blog Subjectively about finances, show that driving a 10 km vehicle does not have to be more expensive than taking a taxi . And in addition, we can speed it up on bus lanes, which on the day of communication paralysis can prove invaluable.

It is hard to imagine that taxi drivers will be able to reverse the course of work on the new transport law.

The last version is very liberal and broadly opens the way to transport people, eliminating, for example, exams from the topography of the city. Some of the media have already announced that it is a " whip on Uber", but the truth is that Bolt's boss (who works on a similar basis), Alex Kartsel, praises the new proposals.

It seems, therefore, that the result of the confrontation after April 8 will be 5: 1. MyTaxi, iTaxi, Bolt, Uber and innogy will open champagne, and the taxi drivers will come slowly to pack their belongings. But this is the case when trying to preserve the status quo instead of following innovations (and applications as such are after all). Above, in recent years, the Polish government has only lost the attempt to block Donald Tusk for the second term of office of the head of the European Council. But it is probably not about such a competition that taxi drivers wanted.

In a few days, taxi drivers will block Warsaw. There are companies that are already enjoying it


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