In 3 years, the number of adults increased by 2000 percent. embarrassing the European leaders

Domator24 from Zielona Góra, is one of the fastest growing companies that produce armchairs for players. We look at its path: from scratch to the first place in the Financial Times ranking.

In the years 2012 - 2013 Domator24 underwent a serious crisis, which almost did not lead to the closure of the company. Its owners, Paweł Nowak, decided to look for a new business. He sold a flat and a plot to build a house to invest in a new business. The idea appeared a bit by accident - during a flight from China to Poland.

Sitting for over 12 hours in a cramped seat on an airplane, I dreamed of a comfortable armchair. This is where I came across a newspaper about e-sport, and more specifically how sitting in front of the monitor affects the concentration and health of players. I knew very well how a player feels after a few, sometimes more than a dozen hours in front of a computer - says Paweł Nowak.

After landing, he did a market analysis and did not find competitors, so he decided to enter the nascent gaming armchairs. A few months later, Diablo Chairs seats landed on the market, which today are among the most popular in their category in all of Europe.

1st place in the Financial Times ranking

The Polish company can boast of a huge increase in 2014 - 2017 - sales soared up by 2204 percent. This indicator led Domator24 to the position of the leader of the Financial Times ranking in the "Personal & Household Goods" category and to the 35th place in the general ranking of all European companies.

Another brand was also created on the wave of success. Domator24 invested in the production of metal cabinets for office equipment. He sells them under the name Jan Nowak - from the name of the owner's son.

What is the result of the success of the Polish company?

I talk about this with Tomasz Osman from Domator24.

Karol Kopańko, Spider's Web: What did the chair market look like a few years ago?

Tomasz Osman, development partner of Domator24: At that time, the market for gaming armchairs was practically non-existent. There were classic desk seats and more characteristic racing seats. There was no clear leader who would pull the market and arouse emotions.

A new generation of consumers required emotions from the chair?

The new generation is very demanding and focused on frequent changes. Young people quickly sensed the difference between the futile market and the designer world of players' armchairs. That is why we believe that gaming chairs are the armchairs of the future.

Nobody has used that name for their armchairs before, right?

At the turn of 2014/2015, we were the first in Poland. At that time no one called such and similar "gaming" seats. There were such names as: sports, bucket, racing. The idea of ​​implementing a line of gaming armchairs was met with great skepticism. Our successes were not fortunate, and it was even said that it was a waste of time and money. Despite this, we bet everything on one card.

Just a hunch or did you have anything else?

A premonition is one thing, but a cool assessment made us understand that if the gaming market continues to grow at such a pace, this is the best time to act. We prepared a market analysis, which showed that during the month of this type of chairs in the search engines only a few hundred people were looking for (compared to today, there are over 25,000 inquiries in Poland alone). At that time, all domains related to this business were free. We noticed a huge gap. On the one hand, the market was dormant, and on the other hand we felt great potential.

Now the competition is definitely bigger. What do you stand out from? I see even fluorescent threads.

Fluorescent threads are just one of the additions. The very colorful look and aggressive design differ from the classic office armchairs available on the market. Players are individualists who like to stand out. We attach to this the adjustment of the armrests in several directions, backrest, height or length of the seat. There are also foam pillows that support the loins and neck.

By the way of this regulation - do you carry out any research, or maybe you are modeling yourself in terms of the preparation of the seat, which least puts a strain on the spine?

To make comfortable armchairs no specialized laboratory is needed. In the so-called ABC of an ergonomic chair is important so that the backrest line coincides with the shape of the spine. In our chairs, this effect is provided by pillows, which can be adjusted in any way and adjusted to our height and our own back support for the spine, which allows you to relieve it during a long sitting. Little is said about the matching armrests, and it is thanks to the comfortable arrangement of the hands during the seat that we relieve the spine for another kilograms.

What product curios can be expected from you in the future?

We are constantly looking for new technological solutions in the production of our seats. We are already working on new models available in 3 sizes, thanks to which we respond to the needs of the youngest users and the so-called. bigger boys, or people measuring over 180 cm. This year, we are also planning the premiere of a completely new model of the X series and we focus our attention on the V-series seats, addressed to other people, except for players spending long hours in front of a computer, eg programmers, graphic designers, architects or copywriters.

In 3 years, the number of adults increased by 2000 percent. embarrassing the European leaders


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