I ve checked the new arena wizard in Smash Bros. Brawl. I came across an invasion of phalluses and memes

Update 3.0.0. to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate introduces a new warrior, a lot of patches and an arena creator. I was especially curious about the latter. When players are almost free to create shapes on the touch screen ... well, it's pretty easy to predict what might happen.

The arena creator is a very nice tool that takes the exam in practice. The program is simple, clear and intuitive. It does not allow too much, but we can create a location of any shape on it. You can animate objects, change their properties, and even move between plans. Added to this are interactive elements like teleporters, launchers, trampolines and so on. It's really what to play with.

No wonder that by giving the players a sense of freedom, they felt the so-called penis call.

A call to a penis is an impulse that develops in a young man somewhere at the elementary school level. It starts innocently, from trying to draw a masculine birth on a piece of paper. Over time, the call becomes stronger. His victim feels the need to draw penis in school notebooks. Both yours and your friends from the bench. Researchers say that in the latter case it is about marking the terrain and dominating. The more penis on the margins of a friend, the better. Let him know his place.

With a great call, it does not pass away. He is evolving. Penis appear on the foreheads of sleeping or drunk colleagues. They hit the walls in public places, sprayed. Members embellish advertisements, stops and road signs. According to many, it is a universal decoration with which you can express yourself. Give vent to the artistic soul, usually hidden under the cover of everyday tasks and responsibilities. That's why I was not really surprised when the penis call appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I was surprised that Nintendo is completely unable to deal with male members.

Arena with a penis in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screams to me from the 2nd recommended place.

Choosing the arena tab in the Shared Content menu I see a phallus during ejaculation. I can download it to the memory of my console, and then fight it on the house with my friends. This is not the only location created by players that may raise doubts. It's enough to pull down to find out that human creativity knows no limits.

The exposed place was location where Mario urinates next to poor goomba. A few positions further, I could see the big purple buttocks of Thanos, between which Ant-Man tries to get. It's just as a reminder that the premiere of the expected Avengers: Endgame soon. Against this background, such pearls like a plush Kirby holding a sharp knife in his paw is an innocent picnic.

Of course, the arena's creator is not just male genre.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I found a lot of very clever locations. My favorite is the arena inspired by the location of Street Fighter II. In the background there is even official music from the Capcom fights, borrowed by Nintendo for Smash. The author of the project created a really nice copy of the fighter, given the limited, simple tool he received in the SSBU creator.

The collection of hand-made arenas contains many designs inspired by other games. I saw, among others a large, rotating pick from Minecraft. I fought on the characteristic platforms of Donkey Kong, and also found myself in the middle of Tetris. I flew even by air bus, in which hundreds of daredevils playing at Fortnite Battle Royale begin their game. In the battle arena, the GameCube console or controller for the iconic NES has been replaced.

The wizard also creates many memes and references to pop culture. To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hit, for example, the giant Peter Griffin. Garfield, Shrek and Spongebob are already here. A smile appeared on my face when I saw an arena called "High Ground". This one reminded Obi-Wan of the battlefield with Anakin. Everywhere was full of lava.

The arena creator is a great addition, but Nintendo can not control it.

The Japanese have taken some remedial measures. Smash algorithms were to be detected when a player draws a penis, swastika or other inappropriate shapes. It seems, however, that many projects manage to slip through automated protection mechanisms. What's more, later such phallus are sent to the recommended section, which can be seen by thousands of players. It is not without significance, given that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a brawl for players over 12 years of age.

The best (the worst?) Is that my today's discoveries are still queer compared to what was created in the Super Smash Bros. creator. Ultimate the previous night .

I've checked the new arena wizard in Smash Bros. Brawl. I came across an invasion of phalluses and memes


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