I do not know where my wallet is. I pay for my smartphone absolutely

I rarely forget something, but if I do not take a smartphone and wallet with me, I regret the lack of the first one.

90 percent I do online shopping with a smartphone. In stationary stores, I approach a mobile device instead of a card. I do not even use the last one to withdraw cash from an ATM.

For the purposes of this text, I tried to remember when I last reached the wallet for a payment card. And you know what? I do not remember. I pay with my smartphone both for daily errands in a supermarket or department store, as well as for a public transport ticket and shopping in online stores. I even got an application for a cash loan from my smartphone.

Even greater difficulties make me determine when I was in the bank branch of my bank. I pass it almost every day, but I have no need to visit it in any of the cases.

The smartphone has been successfully replaced by the bank.

I like to compare the distant past with the times in which we now live. Today, technological progress allows easy shopping, and portfolio management is carried out with a smartphone. When at the beginning of the century I created an account in the largest Polish auction site, I was eagerly awaiting an activation letter that would enable me to do shopping. The latter took place, like a ritual, on a home computer. We sat with my wife and chose products to order. Today I reach into my pocket, I add the product to the basket and pay. I do it in a comfortable armchair in the living room or in a long queue to the cash register in the supermarket. It may take 2 minutes.

I also use a smartphone to pay monthly fees. I often pay in public transport. I have a lot of time to deal with the bills. The list of defined transfers and e-invoices that I receive via e-mail helps me in this. I could of course use a direct debit or a standing order, but making a few, a dozen transfers a month gives me a sense of budget control. Nothing happens without my consciousness.

Which smartphone to bank?

We live in a technological paradise. Today, it really does not matter if we have a premium device or a smartphone from a low or medium shelf in our pocket. Virtually everyone will enable us to shop online or pay in contactless stores. In the latter case, it is necessary to have an NFC module, thanks to which we will use even Google Pay. It is worth paying attention to this. Many Chinese devices with good specifications (eg some Xiaomi models) do not offer this technology.

We do not have to worry about the presence of NFC in the case of most top and medium-shelf devices. The appropriate module is equipped with Samsung Galaxy S10e or Nokia 8 Sirocco . We will also pay with the Honor 10 or Sony Xperia 10 without any problems .

samsung galaxy s10e review

If that was not enough, there is one more option. You can pay for shopping with even a Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch.

I reach for money as a last resort.

I never liked cash. The rustling of banknotes does not work on my imagination. In fact, I feel with cash not very safe and not very comfortable. That's why I pay the money as a last resort and when I know that at a given point I will not be able to pay with my smartphone.

When approaching the ATM, however, I do not reach for the card, but I choose a transaction without it. I am downloading the Blik code, I approve the payment in the application and I put the banknotes into the wallet. Thanks to this, I do not have to worry about skimming or another form of interception of card data that could result in the loss of funds.

This is not the only reason. Payments with Blik are free of charge at my bank, even for smaller amounts.

We do not need cash when we want to help the needy.

Another year in a row I helped the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity without leaving my home. All you need is a smartphone. I use the same device in the case of payments on the platform. It helps or when sending donations to the Polish Humanitarian Organization. No prints, queues at the post office or bank. Thus, the development of technology has also facilitated helping.

* The material was created in cooperation with RTV EURO AGD.

I do not know where my wallet is. I pay for my smartphone absolutely


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