Hyundai won for the second time. This is the end of Pesa s dream of victory in Warsaw

This competition went on for far too long. Warsaw trams collected offers for the production and delivery of 213 trams to the capital in mid-December 2018. The final winner was known only 5 months later.

Trams Warsaw for the second time resolved the tender for the supply of trams and, surprisingly, for the second time won in it Hyundai. With this "surprisingly" it is obviously ironic, because the re-election of Koreans was basically a formality. After long battles for arguments and two appeals to the National Chamber of Appeal, Pesa was finally finally defeated.

The inhabitants of Bydgoszcz, however, fought to the end. From a long list of charges, the National Board of Appeal confirmed one - Hyundai did not show that there are no tax arrears against the trustees . The producer defended himself that he would not receive such a document from his tax office, however, KIO ordered Warsaw Trams to annul the selection of the most advantageous offer.

TW gave Hyundai several days to complete the documentation. After submitting additional explanations, as expected, the offer of Koreans was again considered the most favorable.

And it is difficult to argue with this choice.

Hyundai presented an offer worth PLN 1.8 billion net (ie over 2.2 billion gross) - half a billion less than Pesa .

The Warsaw Trams were accused of supporting the company's foreign and inexperienced trams. The allegations refuted point by point in a special statement . The company explained there to the critics, among other things, that the machines supplied by Hyundai are not "grossly cheap", because the Koreans will supply one tram for PLN 8.5 million, and Pesa years ago took from art only 6.9 million.

TW also explained that they could not force anyone to produce trams in Poland, because EU law prohibits them. This is the result of an agreement on equal treatment of entrepreneurs that Korea has signed with the European Union .

Now Pesie has one more option. A producer from Bydgoszcz may still appeal against the decision to re-select the best offer. He has 10 days for it. However, it is difficult to expect such a move after the KIO has rejected 2 further appeals, rejecting in turn virtually all the allegations advanced by the Hyundai competitor. Pesa has already fired.

Hyundai won for the second time. This is the end of Pesa's dream of victory in Warsaw


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