Huawei MateBook 13 is a mobile device with which I fell in love with record speed

I will not hide that I have tried to test this model for a long time. His paper specification seemed perfect for my needs, and now I can tell how the Huawei MateBook 13 worked in practice.

When it comes to laptops, I still have their mobility in the first place. I use a desktop computer and two large monitors for work at home, so a more universal, larger mobile computer is absolutely unnecessary. And it's harder to put it in your backpack. With the 13-inch MateBook, this is no problem, but it's a success.

Huawei MateBook 13 is a very mobile equipment

For the last two weeks, Huaweia's 13th was with me practically during every trip and departure. The manufacturer does not add any pouch to the test case, so it was an excellent excuse to check how its aluminum casing endures so-called. hardships of travel. This is a pretty important test for mobile equipment.

Nobody likes how his new, expensive computer after just a few weeks of use is scratched. Fortunately, this problem did not appear here. All components of the Huaweia MateBook 13 are made of solid-looking aluminum. Nothing creaks, everything is well folded, and with a little practice the top flap can be opened with one hand (yes, it's important to me). At the same time, the computer is light - its weight is 1.3 kg.

Service - what I liked?

In principle, I need a mobile computer for two things: to write texts and call photos. These are not perhaps the most interesting tasks in the world, but they do quite well to test the entire operation of a given laptop. What did I like about the Huawei MateBook 13? First: a 13.3-inch IPS display with a 3: 2 aspect ratio. Such proportions make it contain more information than on 16: 9 displays. This is useful for both photo editing and writing.

There is no way to complain about the quality of the displayed image. The gloss matrix with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels ensures very good color reproduction, excellent screen detail and great viewing angles. The problem with the reflections of light on the shiny matrix, of course, occurs, but when setting the maximum brightness of the display does not bother somehow terribly.

huawei matebook 13

The computer is available both in the version equipped with a touch screen, as well as the one without such a solution. My test case handled the touch, but ... I did not use this option too often. Not because something is wrong with her. The display reacts very quickly and precisely, but then you have to remove fingerprints from it. I liked the proven combination much better - the trackpad and keyboard. The trackpad is so precise that you can completely give up the mouse to pack a computer mouse, and the keyboard ...

The MateBook keyboard probably deserves a separate paragraph. You see, everyone who writes a lot on the computer after a while discovers a light keyboard fetish at home and begins to pay great attention to how he writes on the equipment. MateBook 13 is great. The keyboard has a low, rather hard (but not too hard) pitch, the space responds perfectly, and the spacing between the keys are not large enough to get used to the system from scratch. Oh, I opened the MateBook and immediately began to write on it comfortably, pleasantly and tactlessly. This is a huge plus.

Performance - it's hard to have any but

In addition to writing, the Huawei MateBook 13 also served me to call photos in the Adobe Lightroom. Contrary to appearances, this is an excellent test of the performance of the given equipment, because the optimization of the software in the release of Adobe is - to put it mildly - unsatisfactory. MateBook 13 version with Core i7 and 8 GB RAM cope with this thankless test perfectly.

I tried to surprise him in many ways - not only with the help of Lightroom and very quickly I came to the conclusion that such a configuration calmly enough for everything. Honestly, it must be noted that this is not a laptop designed for games (although these less demanding titles work on it without problems), but probably no one is surprised by this fact. In other tasks, the MateBook does well, does not get a breathlessness or overheats. What more could you want?

When it comes to working time, the laptop can withstand about 7-8 hours without charging. It's a good result. And I appreciated his charger very quickly. In addition to the small size, it ends with a USB-C port, which means that I could charge it both the computer and my phone. It's like no big deal, but a man very quickly begins to appreciate the fact that he does not have to pack the whole set of chargers for trips.

Ports, a reader and other gadgets

Let's start with ports that are not too many. In addition to the 3.5 mm jack socket, we also have 2 USB-C connectors. If you connect your computer to a charger, only one of them will be available to you. Not too much. The manufacturer has solved this problem by adding the Huawei MateDock 2 adapter to the laptop box, which contains all the rest of the necessary connectors for normal operation.

Although, to be honest, I did not use it too often. Just a few times to a free USB-C port (using the adapter unfortunately) I connected a wired computer mouse or an SD card reader, so I did not feel any huge need for additional ports. If someone says otherwise, they have an adapter available.

Of the things that I think are absolutely brilliant on this laptop, I still have a fingerprint reader hidden in the computer's turn-on button. A single press of it allows you to start the machine and immediately log into Windows 10. This is such a good solution that I would like it to become a global, laptop standard. And it is so comfortable that a person very quickly forgets that it exists. After returning to my own equipment, I quickly began to miss him.

A little more gadgetry function is the OneHop option, which allows you to instantly pair your laptop and smartphone with NFC. It sounds inconspicuous, but it allows you to easily send materials between devices. The phone is the core of my mobile office, so I quickly appreciated the ability to flip the files I need for a test laptop. A very nice idea is also a shared lock between two devices. The only catch about this solution is that it is only available on Huawei and Honor smartphones with EMUI overlay 9.0 or higher.

Huawei MateBook 13 is a laptop that is definitely worth the money

MateBook 13 in the cheapest configuration costs about PLN 3799. It is a very mobile and very efficient laptop. It can be seen that this is a very well-thought-out design that is to make life easier for the user, not to disturb him at every step. At first glance, the MateBook 13 may seem a bit too small, but it's just a semblance. The screen with great proportions is very readable, and the layout of the keys does not require learning from the beginning. I can not fail to appreciate the very strong configuration, thanks to which I would not have a problem with completely changing to the MateBook.

Of course, at home I would connect it to a bigger monitor, my keyboard, mouse, etc., but it is not a fault. If you are considering purchasing this model, I recommend choosing the most powerful configuration and thinking about whether the touch screen version is not completely unnecessary. Well, it's a very individual issue.

* The entry was made in cooperation with the Huawei brand.

Huawei MateBook 13 is a mobile device with which I fell in love with record speed


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