However, Paint will remain in Windows 10. Paint 3D also

windows 10 paint

The iconic Paint editor will remain pre-installed by default in Windows 10, contrary to the original plans. There are only two explanations for this decision. I insist on the sound of "it's all your fault."

Notepad and Paint are probably the two most recognizable applications for Windows. They have been with us in a slightly changed form for decades. Paint, being the protagonist of this text, is a very simple and light graphic editor. In principle, it is only for drawing: both from scratch and an image file that is open in the application.

windows 10 paint

Paint was only slightly improved over the years, retaining its intuitiveness and simplicity. At some point, however, Microsoft saw himself as the avant-garde of consumer 3D printing. He built in Windows mechanisms for native 3D printer support and also provided some simple tools for viewing and editing 3D objects. One of these tools is Paint 3D. Ultimately, he was to replace Paint, but it has just been announced that the old application will remain in Windows.

Paint 3D is definitely a better version of Paint.

windows 10 paint

Dreams of popularizing 3D printing under thatched roofs have long since been abandoned by Microsoft. But not the Paint 3D application. Because it's one of those programs that just went to the company. Admittedly, this application was created for the aforementioned 3D printing, but it also retains all the advantages of the original. Paint 3D is consistently light, simple and intuitive. And it is even something more.

Microsoft managed to sneak into Paint 3D a few simple and very useful functions for basic image editing without adversely affecting the application interface and ease of use. What's more, this interface has been greatly redesigned, grouping individual functions by category.

I understand why someone may dislike the Photos application and miss the old Gallery. We can also talk about the possible superiority of the Windows Live Mail application over Windows 10 Mail. However, 3D Paint seems obvious and objective to me with a better application from Paint. Either I'm wrong or we just do not want to learn new tools anymore.

Paint will remain in Windows 10. Like Paint 3D.

According to the original plan, Paint was soon to disappear from Windows. It would remain available as a downloadable application from the Microsoft Store, but that's basically just that. Users would eventually use Paint 3D. However, as Microsoft informs, the plan has changed.

Why? I have a theory. Microsoft collects telemetry data from our computers, so it has an insight into which applications Windows users are most likely to use. I'm guessing that according to this data, an insufficient number of Windows users switched to Paint 3D, so it would be highly unhappy if the tool disappeared from the system.

It is very possible that my flattering assessment of Painta 3D is an unusually motivated judgment, which most users disagree with. However, I have the nerve to suspect that this is just another proof of the specificity of the Windows user community. Microsoft is constantly struggling with their resistance when introducing new ideas to their products. And not necessarily just controversial.

A real stagnation.

Almost all applications that make big money on Windows are either products with a history lasting for decades, or clients of services like Spotify or Netflix, usually also available in a web form. The most popular applications for Microsoft's desktop system have been invariably programs such as Chrome, iTunes, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Unlike macOS, iOS or Android, where every day a new startup earns its first million.

For some reason, Windows users do not want to change the tools they rely on for many years and which are enough for them. The password for the Windows user community - it seems to me - should be better is the enemy of a good one . It's good, because it means that it's a mature platform with an exhaustive set of mature software solutions. But also such stupid Paint and Paint 3D is another clue suggesting that Windows will always be this mature, but not necessarily innovative product. Innovation and looking into the future? This task will probably fall to Microsoft Lite .

However, Paint will remain in Windows 10. Paint 3D also


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