How to pay even less for shopping at Lidl? All you need is one application

As shopping is ... to Lidl, of course. And since we're going there, it's worth taking care of paying even less at the checkout. How to do it? All you need is one application.

This app is, of course, a novelty called Lidl Plus - a hit, occupying the first place in the list of the most popular applications in Poland , available for download on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

What does it offer and how to use it?

Lidl Plus application - how to use?

The Lidl Plus program can be downloaded directly from the official app stores - Google Play or the Apple App Store. At the same time, it is compatible with the majority of phones present on the market, both recent and slightly older.

At the first launch, we must go through the registration process or - if we already have a login account.

Importantly, if we already have a previously established Lidl account, we do not need to register again in the Lidl Plus application. The same account can be used, for example, when shopping in the Lidl online store . In the future, this account will allow access to further services offered by Lidl.

If we do not have accounts at all, we can set them up directly from the smartphone. The application will take us through the entire registration form, which is not overly long and complicated, but just in case it's good to fill it up quietly at home.

After registering and logging in, we choose our favorite store where we usually shop. Why is it important? Because from our choice will be depend on the products that will be displayed in the application. From this map (available later in the Shop tab) we can also check where the nearest Lidl stores are located, which they are open to, what they have on offer and make sure that, for example, they have disabled parking.

As for the configuration - that's it. We can already begin to get acquainted with the actual possibilities of the application. The main screen is divided into four main sections. In the Start section, which is worth checking out regularly, we find a summary of everything that is important before going shopping - a review of special coupons, offers, as well as the latest newsletters.

In the lower part of the screen there is also a button that will be useful when visiting the store. This is a shortcut to call the Lidl Plus Card with a QR code, which we must scan before approaching the cash register, to take advantage of the special offers prepared for us. Importantly, the button is located here regardless of which tab the application is currently viewing. So we do not have to worry about the unexpectedly fast queue that will force us to panic through the next tabs.

The Lidl Plus app - what promotions can you expect?

The most interesting in the whole application are, of course, two more tabs - Coupons and Offers.

Why was it decided to separate these two theoretically very similar promotion groups? The reason is easy to find if we review the offer of each tab. Among the coupons we find mostly really big promotions - for example 50%. discounts on lemons or 80 percent. discount for a second chocolate.

Vouchers also have a shorter validity - usually about 2 days. In addition, each of them must be manually activated, but just one click is enough. It is worth to check this tab regularly, because the savings can be really big.

Lidl Plus offers - designed exclusively for loyalty program participants - are discounts on selected products, which we will receive automatically at the checkout, if before we approach it (or next to it) we will scan our card.

Discounts here are a bit smaller (although 30 percent is still a lot), but there are more offers for it, and they last longer, because for a week. Therefore, it is worth checking out offers especially when planning larger purchases, but we do not necessarily go to the store today. Coupons , in turn, are a great solution, if, for example, we want to buy a supply of chocolate, but every other plate have almost free.

And if we are afraid that we may miss some special promotion, you can always activate notifications and wait until the phone itself informs us that it is worth going shopping today.

Lidl Plus - newsletters in digital form

The last tab (but not the last option!) Are Gazettes . And here the name says it all - from the application level we can browse all Lidl's newsletters, which will certainly make life easier for those who love to lose newspapers or, for example, do not get them.

For this we do not have to wait impatiently for the next newsletter - we always have the current one at hand. All you have to do is remove the phone from your pocket and start the application.

Lidl Plus - all receipts in one place. Returns for 30 days.

Lidl Plus app tempts with lower prices for selected products, but it is worth downloading even when we are not interested in them, and we simply buy regularly at Lidl. The reason is simply - users of the Lidl Plus system can find the complete history of their purchases in the application. You do not need to look after all the receipts - just like the newsletters, they too are always on hand in our smartphone.

In addition, if we use the Lidl Plus app, we have 30 days to return industrial products.

And when we pay (less) - time for a scratch card.

The whole process of using the application is therefore very easy. We enter the store, check if there are any coupons, and then we carry out our purchases. Before the cash register or at the cash register, we scan our QR code, and then - if we have any products with a reduced price for Lidl Plus holders - the discount is fully automatic. We pay, the digital version of the receipt goes to our application, and we can safely go to the car to pack the shopping.

However, before leaving (or at home), it is worth checking again the Lidl Plus application. After shopping, we will find a scratch card under which the prize can be hidden. But you have to hurry - it is only valid for 5 days from shopping!

* The material was created in cooperation with the Lidl brand.

How to pay even less for shopping at Lidl? All you need is one application


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