How does Huawei Watch GT Active help in training? Meet the opinions of runners

Started. Three runners picked up their Huawei equipment and started professionally laid out workouts to see how modern devices are able to help in running training.

As a reminder: three have been selected from a multitude of applications . Their authors received a set from Huawei consisting of the latest sports watch Huawei Watch GT Active, Huawei Sport headphones, as well as Huawei smart scales. In addition, a dedicated professional training plan was prepared for each of the winners - his coach Wojciech Staszewski took care of it.

What is worth knowing about the Huawei sports set? The star is undoubtedly the latest Huawei Watch GT Active . This watch was created from scratch for active people - those who like run, swim and ride a bike (but not only). Care was taken to precisely determine the location (support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BEIDU), and thus - also the pace. The equipment also has an optical heart rate monitor that will complete the recording of our workouts with detailed data on the effort.

With all this you do not have to worry about charging the battery too often - in training mode, it will last up to 22 hours. If, however, we are not running an ultramaraton, the Huawei Watch GT Active will have to be charged even more rarely. With daily use, the battery lasts for about two weeks, constantly monitoring our activity - from the heart rate, through the number of steps taken to sleep. All this data can later be viewed and analyzed in the Huawei Health application.

The set also included the weight of the Huawei Smart Scale , allowing you to measure the mass of our body, as well as analyze its composition, as well as wireless headphones Huawei Sport - light and comfortable, but offering a surprisingly heavy bass and good sound quality.

Who was in the winning three, what is he planning to achieve and how will Huawei's equipment help him?

Karolina - a triple satellite system will allow for better geolocation and more precise control of the pace

The first participant in this stage is Karolina. He has been running for several years, achieving great results (including 41 minutes for 10 km), and his current training goal is to run a half-marathon in Bialystok in 1 hour and 34 minutes.

How can Huawei Watch GT Active help her? According to coach Wojciech Staszewski, first of all in controlling the pace of the run. Until now, Karolina often ran too fast during training, thus omitting the building of endurance. In the course of official runs too fast initial pace may mean that the runner will lose his strength too quickly and will not achieve the planned result.

Huawei Watch GT has a whole set of solutions that can help in the fight against these problems. First, the watch uses the signal from 3 satellites , which allows you to get much more precise data on the change of location. This in turn helps to determine the most precise pace. Both medium and - what is even more important during training - temporary.

In real time, the heart rate is also measured, which is the second factor that will allow us to check whether we are not running the fragment too much , and whether we will not run out of energy at a later stage.

In addition, Huawei Watch GT Active is able after the initial part of training to inform us in what form we are on a given day . This is another information that can help us determine at the very beginning whether it is worth trying to get over the strength of the day or whether it is better to go even quieter.

With all this, there is no fear that Watch GT Active during long runs - necessary at the planned start distance - will discharge and Karolina will lose her workout record. The watch is able to withstand training without any difficulty 22 hours . It will last even for some ultramaratons.

Karolina also liked the look of the watch and his belt very much. From myself I can add so much, that this watch not only looks good - it is also very comfortable , and also resistant to training hardships.

Michał - accurate monitoring of effort during training

The second participant is Michał, whose goal is to break 2 hours during the half-marathon in the Rospuda Valley. Currently, his best official result at this distance is 2:20:15 from the Warsaw Halfmarathon.

In this case, the first Huawei equipment that was used was the weight of the Huawei Smart Scale, which measures not only body weight, but also analyzes its composition . Based on the data obtained, the trainer Wojciech Staszewski suggested appropriate changes in the diet, consisting mainly in limiting the consumption of meals with simple sugars. From now on Michał will have to regularly weigh and report results to the trainer, who will check on them whether the runner follows the recommendations.

Measurements on the weight of Huawei also allowed to arrange a different training plan. It now includes slower workouts aimed mainly at burning body fat as well as building endurance. In addition, there is also an ascent in the exercise schedule to increase the running strength.

What is the use of Huawei Watch GT Active here? In the first place, to what was useful in the previous case - to monitor if we are not training too hard, that is, whether we are running at the appropriate, recommended pace. And considering the fact that Watch GT Active uses virtually all available location systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BEIDU), this should not be much of a problem.

When it comes to the most important element in this case, i.e. weight reduction, it will definitely be worth checking the Huawei Health application. Watch GT Active will deliver to it , among others information on our day-long activity as well as data on the quality of sleep . In conjunction with measurements from the Huawei Smart Scale, we can get a great view of whether we lead a healthy lifestyle - and this is one of the key elements to improve the results of running.

Dawid - detailed analysis of data in Huawei Health

The third participant is Dawid, whose goal is to beat 10 km in impressive 36 minutes, which is 50 seconds less than his previous record. Until now, he trained independently, based on the materials he found on the internet. With this type of expected results, however, it is necessary to help a professional trainer.

The first changes that the coach introduced? In David's training there were too few races and too long, two-hour runs.

David had the opportunity to check the watch Huawei Watch GT Active during the first cross-country training. Observations? The watch instantly determines our location , and the GPS connection has not been interrupted during training or for a while. In addition, the training summary shown in the Huawei Health application is rich with additional information, including exact tempo, divided into segments, and also heart rate.

I can add that this is only part of the data that can be found at Huawei Health. Watch GT Active uses a range of advanced solutions and algorithms that allow a thorough analysis of a surprisingly large number of parameters - including those relevant to the most advanced runners.

All this, however, is just the beginning. Each person from the three is on a different level and has different running goals. Soon, each of them will be able to test the Huawei Watch GT Active in other conditions, while having completely different needs.

Soon we will return to the three runners and we will see again what this time surprised their new Huawei watch.

What is going on in training with Huawei equipment, you can read here . You can also find more information on the Huawei blog .

* The material was created in cooperation with the Huawei brand.

How does Huawei Watch GT Active help in training? Meet the opinions of runners


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