"Hey Google, I m hungry." From now on you will order Pyszne.pl through the Google Assistant

Google Assistant learns our country and integrates with other services. From now you will be able to ask him to do shopping and purchase tickets.

Voice assistants finally have the chance to become really useful. Google has already learned its algorithms for our language. Now it's turn to integrate with local services. Fortunately, this is quite efficient. The company from Mountain View has just boasted about establishing several important partnerships.

"Hey Google, order a pizza"

The list of commands that Google Assistant can accept has just increased. From tomorrow, you can use the assistant to order food from the portal Pyszne.pl. It is possible thanks to the support for the Actions on Google platform, which allows you to integrate with the algorithms of a third-party giant.

To start the process, just say "Okay Google, talk to Delicious". The transaction will be finalized by means of voice commands and at no stage will it be necessary to reach for the smartphone.

"Hey Google, how about going to Bieszczady?"

Another new partner of Google is Flixbus. The voice assistant will be able to communicate with the company's servers and purchase travel tickets on behalf of the smartphone owner. Just start a conversation with a phrase like "Okay Google, ask FlixBus for a connection from Warsaw to Krakow."

As in the case of ordering food from Pyszne.pl, the whole purchasing process is to be carried out using only the voice. You do not need to take your phone in your hand.

The list of partners supporting the Google Assistant does not end there.

Pyszne.pl and Flixbus are the two latest companies that support Actions on Google. In addition, the Mountain View company boasts that the Google Assistant also supports:

  • 180 words - you will play with the Assistant in words;
  • Onet - listen to the most important news from Onet.pl;
  • Commercial Sunday - you will know if the upcoming Sunday is trading;
  • TOK FM - listen to the latest information from TOK FM radio;
  • Canary - check the level of smog ;
  • Play - you will get answers to questions about the Play network's offer and services;
  • eSky - you will find the best flight connections.

In addition, Google introduces numerous easter-eggi. Try to ask the Assistant at a free moment to tell who the Witcher is or to play a game of Gwint.

Some irony, of course, does not escape.

The advantage of websites and mobile applications for ordering food supplies and other services is that you do not have to talk to a company representative over the phone. You can do everything yourself. This is a huge advantage.

The Google Assistant, in turn, once again turns this process upside down. Again, instead of touching the screen to order food or to book a ticket, you need to talk. Just no longer with a living man, and with a soulless bot.

"Hey Google, I'm hungry." From now on you will order Pyszne.pl through the Google Assistant


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