Great power or big savings - how much should it cost PlayStation 5 on the release date? [DEBATE]

A few days ago, Sony officially started communication on the PlayStation 5 . The new generation machine promises to be impressive. Unfortunately, powerful expenses go hand in hand with powerful subassemblies. This makes us think about how much it should cost PS5 and how much Polish consumers can spend on such a console.

How much should PlayStation 5 cost? With this question I went to the editorial office, asking the bloggers of Spider's Web about it. I must admit that my colleagues' responses have taken me by surprise. Either Przemysław Pająk pays too well, or we are willing to spend much more on playing equipment than we pay for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

Szymon Radzewicz: One console for 8 years, great games for exclusive use? Dam and the whole payment

I never understood the complaints that the console is too expensive. Especially when on the price of the psioczą people every year buying a new smartphone and every few years refreshing a personal computer. Then it is hypocritical. My premiere PS4 works until today. I played dozens of great games on it. This equipment with almost 6 years on the neck, in the price of which I would never build a PC allowing to run the latest titles.

I prefer to pay more for better equipment. If the PS5 lives as many years as PS4, I will spend a maximum of 5000 PLN on it. Of course, I realize that this is a very large amount. I also suppose that Sony will set the price much below my private border. If, however, I would like to determine the maximum amount I am able to spend, I will receive 7 - 8 years of stress-free, trouble-free playing in the latest positions, that's what my limit is.

Only on the invoice please.

My preferred price: Up to 5000 PLN.

Piotr Grabiec: I would reverse this question and ask how much it would cost me not to buy it.

I am a player and I love Sony productions exclusively. I am convinced that on PS5 will go not only the continuation of my favorite games of recent years, but also a few completely new IPs, where I will have a good time. Maybe I'll sound like a fan here, but so what - I'll pay as much as I need. I do not see the possibility that the new console would be more expensive than 50 percent. than the current generation in the Pro version.

As I think about it, even 3000 zlotys is not much for the equipment that will serve me for several years and so much I would be willing to spend so much without hesitation. In addition, thanks to backward compatibility I will be able to sell PS4 Pro, which I use now and withdraw some money, and for the new generation, I will hook up even old VR goggles. And I feel something through the skin, that the console will cost a little less than and I bet on the forks from 2000 to 2499 PLN.

My preferred price: Up to PLN 3,000.

Jakub Kralka: The price of the console is not important, its "rate of return" is important

For PlayStation 4, I paid 49 zlotys in 2014 (this is not a mistake, I found some crazy promotion at the telephone operator in a funny subscription). The console serves me today. Generally, we all got used to the fact that you pay a little for the console. I do not believe, then, that suddenly Sony and Microsoft will offer us machines to play for amounts above PLN 2,500 - 3,000, because it would be a total misappropriation of the history of consoles.

On the other hand, we must be aware that the gaming market has changed completely. When it enjoyed its magnificent years of PlayStation 2, it was not uncommon for an annual computer to be only for adventure games and strategy. Today, the PC's lifespan for players has increased significantly, and thus consoles have a very serious competitor (although I have the impression that paradoxically a lot is gained by the presence of physical drives and a thriving secondary market). But when they suddenly lose their significant price advantage, you can not directly say what will be the final choice of players.

I hope that the console is being built not only by engineers but by marketing and economists who support them. The idea is to build a high-return console and not be afraid of 200 PLN more for a noticeably higher quality, and at the same time know when to say "Well, another 700 PLN is too much, let's go down one step." It's no secret that I will buy PlayStation 5 anyway: the question is whether a month after the premiere (I do not recognize pre-orders) or two years after it. The answer to this question depends on the resultant price and quality.

The sales models of PlayStation 5 are also significant. I hope that the variant from a few years ago will be repeated, for example when the operator bought the operator (especially today, if you do not need to change the smartphone so often) - in attractive promotions or at least with an installment system , which does not have such restrictions as bank loans, thanks to which the console will find many buyers easier.

My preferred price: Up to PLN 3,000.

Maciej Gajewski: As much as it takes. Wincen core, power win!

The market will not offer me the console I want. Because the essence of the gaming console is to be a mass product. She must be inexpensive to reach as many customers as possible. Its creators have to go to far-reaching compromises. It is a pity that it must be so. Because I love game consoles for something a bit different. For their closed architecture.

I like the fact that the creator of the game must tune his product to the equipment I have. And he knows a lot about my equipment: he knows about the megahertz in every integrated circuit. He also knows exactly what version of the operating software I use. Thanks to this, it can apply far-reaching optimizations that are not possible on an open platform such as a PC. Pathetic in terms of hardware configuration, the Xbox One S displays Red Dead Redemption 2 in a quality that would require much more expensive components on a PC. How miraculously? I wrote more about this in this text.

On the console I do not have to wonder what API to set, which anti-aliased edges to apply, whether to bet on the resolution of textures, or shadows. The creator of the game knows what equipment I have. I will fine tune the game for me so that it looks the best while maintaining the smoothest animation. For now, however, he must do it on very limited equipment. Even the most powerful console on the market - Xbox One X - although still impressive, it pales in terms of hardware with a decent gaming PC. What if it did not have to be this way?

If the PlayStation 5 contained a powerful CPU and GPU with high speed fast memory? If we got a real strong man, for whom he plays in 4K at 60 frames per second and with high detail of the picture was a pit? And which would allow the same optimizations due to the closed architecture of today's consoles? I think that I would give it loosely for such a device and PLN 4,000. It's a dream canvas for ingenious programmers and my dream entertainment center. It is a pity that something like that will probably never arise.

My preferred price: up to PLN 4,000

Piotrek Barycki: The price can be any. I never bought a console on the release date.

And probably I will not do it now, no matter how much PlayStation 5 would cost. Perhaps below PLN 2,000 I would think for a moment, but I would quickly think that if my current Xbox is running and games are being played on it, then this money it's definitely better to spend something else. Even if the PS5 offers amazing performance, wonderful resolution and incredible smoothness of play, it does not move me much.

The only thing that could convince me to buy on the day of release is a set of games unavailable to older generations. But that my absorption rate is rather small - I'm not even half Red Dead Redemption 2 - probably forced purchase is in my case shifted a few nice years. The more so that the later I buy the PS5, the cheaper the games will be, which debuted with its premiere. The perfect layout.

So if I decide on PS5, I will do it in exactly the same layout that I have done so far with all my consoles - I will go to the store only when it will cost significantly less than 2000 PLN and this purchase will be almost imperceptible in the home budget. In the end, it's just a gaming console, where I sit down once in a while.

My preferred price: I'm completely indifferent on the day of the premiere.

Great power or big savings - how much should it cost PlayStation 5 on the release date? [DEBATE]


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