Great news for photographers. iOS 13 will allow you to import photos by omitting the camera roll

Apple tablets due to the upgrade to iOS 13 will become much more useful. The new system is to allow iPad applications to import photos bypassing the camera roll.

In a little over a month, the next edition of the annual Apple conference for developers will take place. During WWDC 2019, we will see for the first time new versions of operating systems driving the company's equipment from Cupertino. The network is getting more and more information about what we can expect from iOS 13, tvOS 13, macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6.

One of the many new items on iOS 13 will please photographers.

The system for iPhones and iPads for years allows you to import photos from external memory. Although iOS does not support USB-OTG (USB On The Go) mode known from Android devices and does not give access to all kinds of files, thanks to adapters it is possible to download photos from both the memory card and the camera directly to the smartphone and tablet memory. .

Many photographers are already using this solution. They can then process pictures outside the home without using a computer. Unfortunately, the way Apple has implemented this feature has its drawbacks. The photos have to be uploaded first to the camera roll and then imported into the photo application of their choice.

There are several problems here. First of all, uploading the image to the camera roll immediately starts synchronizing the library with other devices in people who use the iCloud Photos Library function. Secondly, private and business photo libraries are also beginning to mix. In addition, the user must remember to delete unnecessary photographs, especially if he imports huge RAW files into memory.

iOS 13 has finally solved this problem.

After upgrading to iOS 13, third-party applications for photo processing and photo management will be able to import graphic files directly from external media. This will allow you to attach external drives, pendrives and card readers to iOS devices directly to rip photos without lapping the camera roll.

This is extremely important especially for the iPad Pro tablets from 2018, which are equipped with a USB-C port. In their case, you can use the same accessories that work with new Apple brand computers. Thanks to omitting the camera roll when importing photos, processing photos from the run will be easier and faster than before.

Nevertheless, I hope that Apple will go a step further and introduce full-fledged support for external memory and files in any format. In fact, last year I was hoping that the iPad Pro with USB-C will allow you to view the contents of portable disks, pendrives and memory cards plugged directly to the tablet as part of the Files application.

Great news for photographers. iOS 13 will allow you to import photos by omitting the camera roll


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