From the battle in the courtroom to the contract. Qualcomm will provide 5G modems for iPhones

Apple and Qualcomm have ended a long-standing dispute. One of the largest suppliers of mobile systems will provide 5G modems for iPhones. Intel at the same time withdrew from the race, and Huawei did not even start in it.

Only a few days ago, there was information on the network that the supplier of 5G modems for the new phones from the iPhone line was to become the Chinese Huawei. It would be a good idea for a company that has huge image problems not only in the United States but also around the world.

This will not happen, however. One of the chiefs of Huawei admitted that there were no talks with Apple on this subject . Now we know why. The company from Cupertino has found a new partner and it is not Intel, who has just announced that it gives up with 5G modems.

Apple and Qualcomm end a long-standing dispute and start cooperation.

Both companies have been meeting in various courts for many years. Already in July 2017, Qualcomm wanted to ban the sale of iPhones in the United States , and a little over a year later accused Apple of revealing its secrets . This drama in several acts, however, comes to an end and the epilogue began. However, it went without sweat, blood and tears. She won pure calculation.

Apple announced that an agreement had been signed under which companies would postpone the war ax on the violation of Qualcomm's patents. This applies not only to the manufacturer of processors and the manufacturer of iPhones, but also subcontractors of Tim Cook.

Qualcomm will receive money and a contract under this agreement.

On April 1, 2019, both companies signed a six-year contract with the option to extend the patent licensing for 2 years. In addition, under additional agreement, Qualcomm will become a supplier of chipsets for Apple for many years.

Until now, one could suspect that the provider of 5G chips for subsequent iPhones will be Intel. This, however, does not appear. On the day Apple announced his partnership with Qualcommem, the current supplier of modems from the Cupertino company and the leader in the computer processor market betrayed his future plans .

Intel is not saying goodbye to the 5th generation network altogether. He still plans to invest in infrastructure, and also plans to look at the 4G and 5G modem market in computers and devices from the Internet of Things segment, but forgives smartphones.

From the battle in the courtroom to the contract. Qualcomm will provide 5G modems for iPhones


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