For those who value the style on an equal footing with sound. Fender Indio - Bluetooth speaker review

What is it - looks like a miniature amplifier for an electric guitar, it has the logo of a legendary producer of musical equipment, but you can not connect a guitar to it? This is Fender Indio - a new Bluetooth speaker in the offer of the cult brand, which I had the pleasure to test recently.

I have a weakness for everything that the Fender logo is wearing. Almost all artists I listen to play (or at least record) on Fender's guitars. The sound of the classic Fender amplifiers tickles my ear the nicest of all brands. For several months I have also been the owner of a beautiful, white Telecaster.

Therefore, it is not out of the question that I came to exaggerated optimism and hope for the experience of Fender Indio with an excellent product. Even if - I was not disappointed. Fender Indio is excellent, although not perfect.

Fender Indio

10/10 for the appearance and quality of workmanship.

When I tested the smallest of Bluetooth speakers in the brand offer, Fender Newport , I could at most say that the loudspeaker is inspired by classic amplifiers from the producer. In the case of Indio, as in the case of the previously tested Monterey , you can only write that it looks EXACTLY like one of the classic amplifiers of the producer.

When I look at the Blonde-colored Indio, I'm thinking of a limited edition of the Blues Junior amplifier in a bright tweed color, but with a classic logo in the corner of the grill, not with a small plaque at the top, as in the new amplifiers.

Fender Indio

They do not end on the look of similarity. Indio is also created with similar attention to detail as the Fender tube classics. Each element is perfectly made, from the tweed cover of the structure, through the knobs, to the on / off switch.

In fact, it would be very easy to confuse Indio with a guitar amplifier if it was not for the lack of 1/4 jack entry. Instead, we have a physical 3.5mm jack connector, a USB socket (the speaker can act as a power bank), a charging socket and a battery charge indicator.

Fender Indio

At the top, next to the Volume / Treble / Bass knobs instead of the reverb controls, there are switches for pairing the loudspeaker via Bluetooth and playback control.

The whole thing, fortunately, weighs a lot less from the tube amplifier, because it is less than 5 kg. Though it's still a lot, for a portable Bluetooth speaker. Fortunately, the rubberized handle is very comfortable, but it is also the element most susceptible to dirt and dust, which simply sticks to the surface.

Fender Indio

How does Fender Indio play?

My word is "great" to my lips, but I have to replace it with the words "it depends".

Fender Indio can play great. Absolutely phenomenal for a Bluetooth speaker. The combination of two tweeters and two broadband speakers with a total power of 60 W pumps a really powerful and expressive stream of sound, and the gentle play with the Treble / Bass knobs allows you to adjust the character of the sound depending on the specificity of the songs being played.

Fender Indio

The point is that in order for the sound to be truly phenomenal, two conditions must be met - the loudspeaker must be ideally in front of the listener and must play loud. Very loud.

Fender Indio has a typical speaker problem with large diaphragms - it needs to blow a lot of air to get all the nuances out of them. Maybe the situation will improve, as the diaphragms get a little bit better, but during my tests I got the best sound by turning the volume knob over half. What is not a good idea in the block of a large slab if we want to maintain a friendly relationship with our neighbors ...

Fender Indio

Below half the volume Fender Indio plays correctly. Low tones are selective, but not overwhelming, the center of the band is very clear (electric guitars sound insanely!), And the mountains are singing, though maybe a bit too sandy for my taste. It is a pity that the nature of the speaker's sound is strongly influenced by its housing.

The solid construction makes the sound sounds best when we stand perfectly in front of the loudspeaker. It is enough to go two steps to the side and it's already starting to get a bit "box-like". Therefore, it is best to set Fender Indio somewhere in the corner of the room, from where it will be able to emit sound waves evenly across its entire surface.

Alternatively, you can also buy a second Fender Indio speaker and pair them. Expensive solution, but still.

Fender does not boast about what's inside the loudspeaker.

It is a pity that the producer does not provide detailed information, because I would like to know what codec is responsible for decoding audio sent over the air. On the one hand, audio in 320 kbps streaming through Bluetooth sounds perfectly ok and you do not hear any additional compression or loss of quality. On the other hand, you can hear quite clear lag while watching the video. Irritating enough to cross out Fender Indio from the potential list of speakers "for everything".

Fender Indio

When it comes to wireless connectivity, this speaker is made strictly for listening to music. Alternatively, to conduct hands-free conversations via a microphone built into the loudspeaker, which quite well collects sound in a small room.

And despite the fact that the dimensions make it rather a stationary speaker, so if necessary, Fender Indio can work up to 20 hours on a single charge. Nothing prevents you from using it outside the home, or at least away from the socket.

Fender Indio

The biggest problem of Fender Indio is its price.

Fender Indio costs PLN 1,400 . It looks beautiful, it's great, but you can not hide that at this price you can buy better playing (though maybe not as stylish) equipment.

Everything here is broken, therefore, for the brand's sentiment and visual aspect. Only Marshall produces speakers in a similar style (though in my opinion not as good as Fender), so if you want to buy a bit of a "rock" character, you do not have much choice.

Fender Indio

However, if the style is of secondary importance, and the key is the sound and additional functions ... well, I am afraid that most customers will be more likely to use Bose or B & O products. And it will certainly be a wise choice, but if you ask me, I would be more delighted to look at the tube amplifier miniature every day than the fancy, futuristic shape of other Bluetooth speakers at a similar price.

For those who value the style on an equal footing with sound. Fender Indio - Bluetooth speaker review


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