Fitbit Versa Lite Edition - all that is good and bad in the cheapest Fitbit watch

Not one, but three models - that's how many watches Versa has from Fitbit. I checked the possibilities of its cheapest representative - Versy Lite Edition.

Is it worth being interested in? Who is it actually created for? What are its greatest advantages and disadvantages?

I'm already answering.

(Before that you can also read a review of an ordinary Versa, written by Matylda - it's worth it!)

On the plus side: it is actually solid

Some may argue that they prefer large and heavy watches. But when it comes to wearing them all day or during activity, no one likes to carry a brick attached to the wrist.

At the Versa Lite Edition, no one should complain about this. It has the look of a watch, but when it comes to weight and wrist strain , it's a lot closer to the simplest sport band. Well, I prefer to wear it more than a blindfold - for a simple reason. the watch face is square here and it fits much better on the hands than the longitudinal, rectangular central units of the wristbands.

So if someone asks if the Versa Lite Edition is comfortable to wear around the clock (including sleep) and during activity, there is only one answer: yes, absolutely yes.

On the plus side: it is ... colorful.

A small plus, but when it comes to watches - it's difficult to discuss it. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is a version with the largest number of basic color variants.

You can choose from four - white / silver, lilac / silver, blue / blue and mulberry (that's how Google translated it).

It's worth adding two more things here. First of all - none of these combinations is available in either the usual Versie or the much more expensive Versie Special Edition.

Secondly, if someone does not quite match the band attached to the set (important: in two sizes!), Then he can pick in alternative options. The more so that even the official Fitbit straps and bracelets have really attractive prices, and they can be easily and quickly exchanged for that. Maybe in this exchange process there is no lightness and grace of Apple Watch, but no one should have any problems with it.

On the plus side: a piece of solid work.

Versa Lite Edition may be the cheapest watch in this series, ba, the cheapest Fitbit watch in general, but it does not mean that it is poorly made.

On the contrary - the screen was sunk in an aluminum block, which despite the small mass makes an incredibly solid impression. The only button present on the casing happily does not stick out with the delivered usable impressions by clicking clearly, but not too loudly.

On the plus side: screen (partly)

Yes, it is not exaggerated, but there are large frames around today's standards. But remember that this is equipment for less than PLN 800, and for this produced by Fitbit, which is one of the most recognized brands in this segment.

So if we close the window to these little things - and then we open this eye - we will have a really good quality display. With sensible black and contrast (though not full black, it's not AMOLED), with pleasing colors, good brightness, good readability in most conditions and almost flawless response to touch.

Because of course, the screen in Versie Lite is tactile.

If I had to grip on something, maybe the sensitivity of the automatic activation of the screen. In most cases, it works flawlessly when you raise your hand, but sometimes - especially if the watch is worn loosely - you have to do it really more than you would normally do.

Fortunately, you can set the Versy Lite Edition screen to be highlighted always during training. So this is not a big problem.

On the plus side: those sports functions that matter.

In the case of this model, however, Lite means, unfortunately, cutting off a large number of functions of other models from this family. But calmly - what is the most important and most fitbitowym , remained.

So we have 24-hour heart rate monitoring, water resistance (you can swim, but unfortunately Versa LE will not count), 15 categories of activity recording, automatic activity detection and, of course, the calculation of steps, burnt calories and sleep monitoring. In the bonus - Fitbit app for iOS and Android, in my opinion, one of the best applications of this type on the market. At least one of the nicest and nicest to use, until someone treats their workouts more pro .

What is the most apparent lack in all this when it comes to sports elements? GPS, of course, although it is not a surprise - it is missing from any Versa series, and can only be found in the Ionic.

However, this is not a serious problem, considering that Versa will use GPS data from our phone while cycling or cycling, complementing it with heart rate measurements on our wrist. So - in a nutshell - if, for example, we always run with a telephone, then using Versa we will have the same route record as using, for example, almost three times more expensive Apple Watch.

Of course, we can go for training without a phone, but then in terms of distance, we are dependent on an estimated measurement, based on the number of steps and their length (you can define manually, separately for running and walking). And it is a surprisingly accurate solution, if, for example, we march or run at a steady pace on a flat surface. In the case of all kinds of intervals and similar, unfortunately, the results will be far from the actual ones.

So if someone is running with the phone anyway, and just wants to conveniently run the exercise registration and view the current results - it will be just right.

The more that ...

On the plus side: heart rate sensor

It is not perhaps the most perfect solution in the universe, but it works very well for its price range. Ba, it works even better.

And here we are talking about both monitoring the pulse at rest and during activity. I took the Versa Lite Edition with me for a few runs and walks, and actually the results I presented were identical to what many times more expensive Apple Watch showed. For example, in the case of this jerky loose workout:

Of course, Apple Watch is not an absolute determinant in the category of heart rate sensors, which can be seen after the initial fragment of the graph. The Apple watch, as it usually does, makes up the first few minutes or makes up the heart rate data. But after this short period, almost always in my case showed values ​​consistent with those provided by the heart rate sensor for the chest.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition from the beginning, however, not only displays heart rate, but it does it well. It does not get lost during sudden, short accelerations, correctly catching up and down during later rests.

Yes, there will no doubt be situations where a chest sensor would do better. Yes, some people will probably not be that accurate. But if someone asks if the sensor is good enough, I will answer yes again.

Let's also remember that the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is a sports watch for less demanding people. Most sports modes allow you to actually only record activity. No complicated intervals, no training plans. Click, click, save the route, information about the course of the exercise (eg every 1 km), click, click, save. End.

On the plus side: as much smartwacha as needed.

Versa Lite Edition is not a madly-expanded smart watch, but it has all the basic and necessary elements - from notifications from the phone, through the weather application, stopwatches and timers, to the control of music. It is even - a bit primitive, but always - integration with Strava.

Of course, there are external applications - including Hue from Philips. Although I will have to write more about this in part with disadvantages.

On the plus side: battery

Four days - this is how Versa Lite Edition should withstand without another charge. And exceptionally in this case, the manufacturer's declarations can be considered truthful. Ba - this time may be even longer if used very delicately .

On a daily basis, however, it can be assumed that more than 3-4 days we will not have to look for a charger. And all in all - for some reason the Versa Lite Edition charger has a surprisingly large and surprisingly plastic clip.

On the plus side: application and export

Samsung is doing terrible problems exporting activity from its application (especially if you want to have it included with your heart rate information). Huawei's Watch GT does not allow it at all.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition allows without any problems to do it with one click, and then send this data to any site that accepts manual import of files. We can also easily automate this process by linking it with Fitbit Strava (and exporting a set of data, Samsung's path there).

I'm also always a Fitbit fan on iOS and Android. But with that , I will not repeat myself anymore .

On the downside: floors?

Apparently the number of floors covered is only a bonus parameter in relation to steps and heart rate, but it is still a significant and satisfying parameter. What is different is the awareness that we have made these several or several thousand steps flat , and something else that we have done all these steps while climbing up several dozens of floors. And it is also different for our body.

During activity, this flaw is slightly leveled - data on height and its changes are taken from the map / GPS, so we can check how much we climbed during the weekend mountain expedition.

But everyday? Unfortunately not. To this end, we have to reach for one of the more expensive versions of Versa.

On the minus: give away Fitbit Coach!

And this is probably my biggest complaint, especially considering how good the Fitbit Coach application is and how many devices and platforms the departments have.

And on this Fitbit watch - no. No, period. It will not even work as a heart rate sensor for Coach training. Nothing.

I am able to understand the lack of GPS. No altimeter. There are no options for swimming training (yes, Versa Lite can not do this, more expensive pools can count). This is not the watch for really demanding athletes.

But at this price, in combination with Fitbit Coachem, it would be a great watch for those who want to do something with themselves.


On the minus: smartwatch - yes, applications - echoes.

On the one hand, Versa Lite Edition has the plus that it retains the form of a smart watch, at the same time costing as much as some sports wristbands or watches without extensive smart features.

Unfortunately, the Fitbit platform is not the most powerful when it comes to the number of applications and their quality. Still, browsing the store's offer ends very quickly in my case, usually without installing anything.

In addition, some applications are just a lot, much worse than on competing watch platforms. Hue For example, an application that runs on Apple Watchu of hand here require me to provide the IP address of the bridge.

Which year is we? Well, even though the clock face is a bit of a choice.

On the downside: accessories? Forget it.

External heart rate sensors? No. Bicycle cadence sensors? No. Power measurement when cycling or running? A good, pointless question.

We will connect to the Versa Lite Edition ... phone. And that's it.

On the downside: one button is not enough ...

... to live. And seriously - it's definitely not enough when it comes to sports watches. A sensitive screen is not enough to change the parameters displayed, for example during a run, is convenient.

And Versa Lite Edition has only one button - two less than the more expensive models. If at least it was ensured that all interface elements were large enough ...

On the downside: it could be faster. It should.

I can understand that the cheapest Versa is not a rocket . Some cuts in the menu are therefore able to understand.

But with the fact that after scrolling down the main screen to view the statistics from today, I have to wait for them to load (and this is just some data!), I find it difficult to reconcile. It definitely should not take so much time.

On the minus or ... plus: music? Only control

The standard Versa can accommodate several hundred songs inside. The Lite Edition will not fit a single one - we can only control the playback from the phone, and even without the option to start the music on the phone from the level of the watch.

And now the question - is it a defect? Without GPS, it's difficult to plan further workouts without a phone, so we have music with us anyway. It can count as an advantage, because in the end we do not pay for something that we will not use anyway.

On the other hand - a walk with music without taking your phone with you? I would appreciate.

It 's complicated : the price

At the moment, online search engines show me that you can buy Versa Lite Edition around 700-780 PLN. And I have a few problems with this price.

The first, the most serious, is that for 800 zlotys we can buy - from a store - a simple Versa. With Fitbit Coach support, with swimming training registration and with built-in memory for music. Yes, there are fewer color options to choose from, but this is hardly a big problem.

Well, the situation is even interesting in Euro RTV AGD. The full Versa costs PLN 769. Versa Lite, in turn ... PLN 789.

In such a system, the purchase of the Versy Lite Edition is at least slightly meaningless. Of course, the difference in price probably results from the difference in release dates, but the fact is a fact, and cash is cash.

Does this mean that you have to cross the Versa Lite Edition at the start? Definitely not, but we should be patient. The regular version at the time of the premiere cost PLN 879, which is about PLN 100 off the debut. If the same happens with the Versa Lite Edition, it will be a really interesting purchase.

Fitbit equipment has a lot of elements that recommend it. It is small, comfortable, lasts a long time without charging, has a great application with full data export and fair synchronization and a lot of connected platforms, and a quite successful heart rate sensor.

This is definitely not a proposal for those who are looking for a strictly sports watch. In their place - especially at the current price of the Versy Lite Edition - I would go a little bit even to the proposal of Polar (Vantage M) or Garmin (Vivoactive 3). And if we do not care so much about the format of the watch, Vivosport is still a very good proposition - it costs about PLN 550, and it has a heart rate monitor, and GPS, and a floor meter, and a much more sporting application.

However, when Versa Lite Edition reaches PLN 700, it is worth paying attention to.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition - all that is good and bad in the cheapest Fitbit watch


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