Finally, I was able to borrow an electric BMW. At that time, I would catch half of the Pokémon

Renting an electric BMW i3, which recently debuted in Warsaw, is really a challenge. Such from the genre - for enthusiasts. Because what else can I call a situation in which I have to look at the app from time to time, sitting in the center of Warsaw, praying that anything will appear within a radius of two kilometers from my home?

At the beginning I will start with the fact that I am a sincere fan of this project. I do not have my own car, so I occasionally use carsharing from time to time. So when I heard that I would be able to drive an electric BMW (being, to be honest, far beyond my financial capabilities), I felt really excited.

The rental shop created by innogy and ING appealed to me even more when I learned that, unlike many pseudo-ecological projects, this one actually contributes to the reduction of pollution. Innogy has certificates for electricity, which he charges his electrics , so we can be sure that the energy driving our BMW has not been produced, for example, in the Siekierki Heat and Power Plant. The current will be taken from wind farms until at least 2019, and innogy declares that in the coming years 100% will be the electricity from its charging station will come from RES.

So many bouquets. I do not know if this is a matter of good advertising (billboards in the city center), or simply Varsovians have rushed on electrics, as another curiosity to test. The fact is, however, that catching the BMW i3 outside of the very center requires a lot of patience today.

I have been hunting for over a week for my ride.

More specifically, from April 7 to April 14. Sure, it could be done much earlier. I could behave like Grzegorz Karczmarz from Autoblog, who as a part of the tests got on the tram, drove 4 stops, and then took a 10-minute march .

I preferred, however, that my ride would have a more spontaneous and, above all, functional character. Innogy boasts on his website that driving from the West Railway Station to the Wiatraczna Roundabout will save 17 busses thanks to buses. I turned on the app and looked around the map.

Excellently. It's more or less what it will take me to walk to the nearest vehicle - I thought. And in this way, I will barely move off. And the time saving has been hit. It turned out that the only beemka standing nearby is about 2 km away from me.

The next day I made another attempt. This time the car was barely 300 meters from the house. It turned out, however, that only virtually, because it was not really in the parking lot. I took out my phone and moved on. Another BMW was supposed to be less than 15 minutes on foot.

Going like that with an outstretched smartphone and GPS on, I realized that I look like one of the Pokemon GO players.

Out of curiosity, I asked my brother how much I would be able to catch these Pokémon within 20 minutes. - If you do not freak out, it's up to 30 - he muttered. Maybe it's also a silly solution if someone really is still having fun. Let's convert it for a few days - circling around Warsaw and looking for cars, I would probably collect half of Pokedex.

Of course, it happened during this week that BMW landed, for example, 500-600 m from me. However, the hour did not pass, and the car disappeared. If I sat staring at the application, I would book it without a problem. But, right - the need to move to another part of Warsaw sometimes appears suddenly and at different times of the day. In this situation it is difficult to count on innogy rental, because having a 40-minute bus ride straight to the destination and a 20-minute walk to beemki , I start to wonder what will be more profitable in terms of time savings. Not to mention the fact that the applications from the shipping platforms are still tempting on the phone.

If innogy go! is to go beyond the role of a curiosity, and BMW - a toy that we will play during the first weeks, and then throw it into the corner, needs much more accessibility.

It's not just my observation - just go to the innogy go! Fanpage to see that 3/4 of the comments are about the lack of available cars. The first users complain primarily about the uneven distribution of electricians. Vehicles are often used to cover small distances to the center, instead of helping them to get from the outskirts of the city. Especially few cars are on the right bank of the Vistula, finding them in the application, for example, in Białołęka is practically impossible.

Commenters also wonder about the numbers that appear on the map. Alone, one evening I counted that only 50 or 60 vehicles are available in the whole zone. And what about the rest?

There are even suggestions that innogy will give relief to users for charging their cars themselves.

Many of this poor accessibility is somewhat surprising, because the media reported that there should be 500 BMW in Warsaw. Hardly anyone, however, read that this is the expected state at the end of April. Cars are transported all the time, and interest - as you will notice - is enormous.

Currently as part of the innogy go service! Varsovians can use over 300 BMW i3 electric cars. By the end of April there will be 500 electric cars BMW i3 and BMW i3S available - reads the answer sent by Aleksandra Smolarska-Flis from the innogy press office.

And let's put together the second number - users who have already registered in the system.

So far, 15,000 have already registered in the application users. Some of the cars available in the innogy fleet are rented up to 12 times a day, which means that they need to be charged many times. There are also unforeseen situations, resulting even from improper use of cars, which translates into their lower visibility in the application - adds Smolarska-Flis.

And that probably explains the doubts. The service, at least temporarily, has become a victim of its own success. Innogy, however, ensures that he constantly monitors and analyzes the use of cars. In the next two weeks, there will be an additional 200 copies. And this gives hope that electric cars will soon become a real way to move around the city.

Finally, I was able to borrow an electric BMW. At that time, I would catch half of the Pokémon


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