Facebook will explain to you why what you see in news is important

Facebook will explain to us why we see an entry or link in our news.

Recently, Facebook has implemented an improved mechanism showing why we see a specific ad . After clicking on the three -point advertisement, we can use the option "Why do I see it?" Facebook will explain why the advertisement is directed to us and also indicate the advertiser that posted it.

Facebook will explain why we see the post.

The largest social networking site in the world implements a similar mechanism for content that is not advertising. Soon, after clicking the three-cornered, we will be able to see why we see specific posts in our news.

At first glance, the mechanism seems a bit bizarre, because when we see a friend's entry, we are most often aware that ... he is our friend. Rather, we also remember that we liked the site. However, it is not always so easy. We often watch the content of third parties that our friends share and we wonder why we need to see them. In addition, thanks to the new feature, we will also learn what influences the order in which posts are displayed.

The service explains that during the tests, users clearly indicated that the clarity of displaying posts is not enough and you need to be able to change the settings. Therefore, in addition to information about dependencies and how to select entries, we will also be able to adjust how they are displayed from the same panel.

Facebook refines the "Why do I see this ad?"

The advertising mechanism described at the beginning will be enriched with information on the data advertisers use to match ads, such as email addresses and phone numbers. An example message might be:

XYZ sent an encrypted list of customers. Facebook has matched your e-mail to the information in this list.

The above-mentioned news are to be one of the forms of fulfilling the promise, according to which Facebook is to be more transparent to its users. After last year's numerous incidents, Mark Zuckerberg wants to give the impression of being interested in not only repairing a tarnished image, but also taken over by users' privacy.

If that was not enough, the head of Facebook became the advocate of regulation. "Effective protection of privacy and data requires a globally harmonized framework," Zuckerberg said recently, adding that "it would be good for the internet if more countries would adopt regulations, such as the GDP, as a common framework."

Let us remind you that, a year ago, during interrogations before the Senate committees, Zuckerberg avoided the subject of the RODO, and although he stated that he agrees with this approach "as a rule", he considered the issue more complex and requiring reflection.

Facebook will explain to you why what you see in news is important


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