Everybody s Golf VR on PSVR goggles is a chance for a bit of traffic without leaving your home - first impressions

Golf in virtual reality requires patience and concentration, and it is extremely addictive. At the Everybody's Golf VR show, I played great.

Everybody's Golf VR is another of the PSVR goggles games that I could test in New York during the PSVR Showcase 2019. Because I have not played virtual golf for years, even on stationary platforms, the opportunity to catch a virtual stick during the presentation made me happy.

I had some doubts before running Everybody's Golf VR with Sony goggles on my head.

I was curious, first of all, whether during the game I will be hurting my back and to what extent the algorithms will be able to measure the precision of the shot with very fast hand movement. It turned out that in practice, after proper growth, the backs did not protest, and the algorithms gave advice.

Everybody's Golf VR

After just a dozen or so movements, I started to catch what is going on. Just like getting to the first hole took me nearly a dozen strokes - and the second I missed the ball so many times - so I added the ball to the next one after just three turns, because with this game is like riding a bike.

The game of golf in virtual reality does not differ in addition to its general assumptions from the classic version of this sport.

The player goes to the golf course, where he has to hit the ball with the right strength. You have to take into account the distance, direction and power of the wind and the inclination of the terrain before taking a shot. Everybody's Golf version of the PSVR goggles is not based on classic rules.

Usually, video games that allow you to play digital golf want the player to click the indicated button after the power bar has charged to the right level. The strap obviously fills up very quickly and then disappears. That's why good reflexes are so important.

Everybody's Golf VR

Hitting a stick at Everybody's Golf VR works a little differently.

There is no classic pulsating belt here. Instead, a Move controller that pretends to be a stick was used in the game. You have to not only swing it and hit the virtual ball with the right power, but also touch it at the right angle - of course, not forgetting the wind and slope of the terrain.

Before you start the shot, however, you can first estimate the power of the impact. In the basic mode after the movement the ball does not move, but on the screen appears information about the detected shot force. Only after switching to the second interactive mode the ball can break away from the ground.

After thread to the hole.

After the first shot the ball, if it does not hit the hole, in most cases it is closer to it than at the beginning. Often, from the shots into the air, the game then goes into terrestrial mode, in which the player uses other sticks from his digital bag.

Everybody's Golf VR

Fortunately for Everybody's Golf enthusiasts, VR automatically selects the right stick in a given situation - although advanced players will be able to choose the one they want, independently. The game is not able to change the weight of the virtual stick, but still feel the difference in the sticks after shooting.

After the Everybody's Golf VR show, I know it's a lot of fun.

This is not a game for which I would recommend buying goggles, but for people who already have PSVR at home, this game would be an interesting addition. In addition, we do not have to wait long for the premiere of Everybody's Golf VR.

Present at the show Nick Accordino (Senior Producer of ISD-A) and Eddie Saito (Global Business Project Coordiantor from Japan Studio) confirmed that Everybody's Golf VR will go on sale on May 22 already. There is something to wait for.

The game will be sold at a price of 29.99 dollars. in the United States, which translates to PLN 124 in Poland. This seems a reasonable proposition, because players will have access to 3 tennis after 18 holes each, and many other activities.

Everybody's Golf VR goggles PSVR is a chance for a little exercise without leaving home - first impressions


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