Do you love games? Answer the reddit appeal and stop hate speech

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The Reddit section devoted to video games will be blocked all day long. As the leaders of this community explain, this is an action to pay attention to the disgusting and fashionable promotion of homophobe, racist and xenophobe.

PLEASE NOTE: the text includes examples of offensive and very vulgar examples of the hate speech indicated by the Reddit community.

Apart from the youth focused on subversive political movements, I do not know the more toxic and bile-filled, hatred and simple stupidity of the community from this video-focused video. And to be clear, I write it as an avid gamer, whose knife opens in his pocket every time he hears that video games are Satan, the evil and source of violence in the world.

Behaviors accepted in this community are of extreme pathology. And I'm not talking about stupid jokes like dropping Hitler's ASCII images into comments on Twitch. Let us distinguish the sense of humor (perhaps too pugnacious, or even distasteful, but still) from the hideous speech of hatred. And excuse me, if you were once a victim of a troll in the comments on Spider's Web - whose entry we have not managed to remove - but it is absolutely irrelevant with what is happening in the players' forums.

Reddit is probably the largest online community, not just players. During the April Fool's Day he closed the video games section.

The moderators of subreddita r / games , not to be groundless, have published a gallery of selected comments they have recently removed. Their content is paralyzed. The whole gallery is available at this link , I chose a few extremely hideous.

  • Fuck the niggers, ban me, pedals
  • What is wrong with the Nazis? I do not understand the controversy
  • She commented on the aunt who hides her answer like a little bitch. Go suck dick Epic like a whore or a pedal, you brittle snowflake
  • In the end, the Western man has armed himself with the invaders (about the recent massacre in the New Zealand mosque)
  • What a shitty noodle post. Kill yourself, fucking cursed twat.

And let's stop there. What is important is what the moderators themselves write. And they say that such posts in wholesale quantities are removed every day.

I appeal to you players. Use zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

At the same time I am aware of the fact that there are cases of abuse and, on the other hand - using the fact of being a part of a minority to terrorize the rest of the community. Let's agree, however, that this is a marginal problem. Only one of these behaviors leads to the escalation of violence. A person using their skin color or sexual orientation to moral abuse not only does not represent the whole community of a given minority, it is in addition quite harmless.

In contrast to bandits who believe that homosexuals should be murdered, and people with colored skin should be forced to slave labor in the camps. Those who are braver have their views outside the Internet.

We should not be the least tolerant of such behavior on our part. Every popular Xbox Live gaming network or PlayStation Network offers tools to report inappropriate behaviors, including hate speech, to the moderators team. Let's not ignore such jumps.

Let's help in excluding such individuals from the player community (or any other). For decades, the media tried to stigmatize video games as the source of all evil, trying to prove that pulling spine in Mortal Kombat or murdering passers-by at Grand Theft Auto is a potential inspiration for young people. Meanwhile, the true pathology is born by ill-conceived freedom of speech and relative anonymity over the Internet.

My regular readers probably know that they do not tolerate hateful comments under the texts, censoring these inappropriate ones once I notice them. Your turn. Now, get involved in removing from society racists, homophobes, xenophobes and other people with views that are not possible to accept. Pushing them out of society seems to me the only reasonable method of fighting this nagging hatred. Let's make the gaming community a cool place. Such as it was many years ago.

Do you love games? Answer the reddit appeal and stop hate speech


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