Do OC calculators conquer the insurance market?

OC calculator is currently the easiest and fastest way to compare different offers of insurers on the Polish market. Unfortunately, we are still distrustful of insurance purchases over the Internet. Is it right?

Third party liability insurance is the only type of property insurance that every driver must possess. Regardless of whether you intend to drive a car, or whether the car is standing only in the parking lot or in the garage, you can not give up.

The scope of each third party liability insurance offered in Poland is the same, it is regulated by the Act on Compulsory Insurance, Insurance Guarantee Fund and the Polish Office of Motor Insurers.

Third party liability insurance - is it the sunset of the era of agents?

In Poland, fifteen years ago, the sale of insurance by phone began, and a moment later via the Internet. The direct approach to presenting the conditions of purchase of OC and AC offers to the clients irreversibly changed the insurance market and opened the door for a modern form of comparing the offers of many companies.

The OC and AC insurance calculator is primarily a price comparison, and these are still a key element, often decisive for the choice and purchase of insurance. The increase in policy prices, especially in the years 201, forced drivers to look for offers that meet their requirements and save money. The average amount of the liability insurance fee is still around PLN 1000, but the cheapest OC offers are less than PLN 400. Currently, users are increasingly aware of what an OC calculator is and use it primarily to compare insurance prices offered by associations. However, this situation is changing dynamically and policyholders are finalizing online shopping. Low insurance purchase support costs and a simple purchasing mechanism are the advantages that customers appreciate more and more - comments Bartłomiej Roszkowski from

In three quarters of 2018, motor insurance was the dominant item in personal and non-life insurance, accounting for 62.44% in total, of which TPL was 40.63%. according to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, and the total sales result in TPL in the previous year reached PLN 15,182.48 million. The shift of the sales model from traditional to the Internet, that is also the calculators and comparison of third party liability insurance, may constitute a significant development of this sector in the coming years.

How much is the share of insurance sold online?

The market share of insurance sales via the Internet or telephone is only about 3.5 percent. - but with high probability these are underestimated data. Poland is ahead of countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Romania and Serbia. However, it still lags behind Hungary or the United Kingdom, where the percentage share in the market is respectively 40 percent. and 50 percent general sale of policies.

In the 34 countries surveyed, the average percentage of sales via direct channels, i.e. Internet and telephone, is 10-15 percent. Particularly noteworthy is the British market, where 60-70 percent. the purchase of motor insurance is online. An estimated more than 40 percent. British adults bought an insurance policy online in 2017. Just behind Great Britain are Hungary, where it is estimated that 20 percent. sales are made via direct channels, and the value of the entire insurance market is valued at approx. EUR 1.5 billion. A very interesting example is still Latvia with 1 million drivers, a relatively small market. It is estimated that over several dozen percent of sales in this country takes place online. This is probably also related to a lower amount of liability insurance fees - about 40-60 euros for a policy, where, for example, in Poland it is about 240 euros, so significantly more.

How will the OC calculator change the insurance market and the thinking of Poles?

Poles are suspicious about selling online insurance. This is due to several factors. First of all, we still value the direct contact with the insurance broker, ie the agent. The ability to ask questions and direct conversation are of great value to customers. Secondly, Poles eagerly make micropayments via the Internet, however, they prefer to make payments in cash that are significantly reflected in the home budget, either in person in cash or by transfer to a bank account. Another threat that Polish clients see is the security of the network and the transfer of personal and sensitive data.

The civil liability insurance index and insurance comparison engine meet these challenges, and the awareness of the Polish client is changing significantly every year.

The first and key element that works in favor of the online OC calculator is convenience. The simplicity with which the OC Compensation Calculator works means that we gladly use comparison of the offers of many insurers in one place. It is enough to mark the most important data regarding the vehicle and driver, and we can compare several dozen offers of different insurers. We do not have to go through the parties of insurance companies known to us, check ranges and compare policies. A large part of this arduous and time-consuming work is done by the OC calculator for us. From such a short list of companies, the driver chooses the one that best meets his expectations. Simply completing the application takes a moment, which saves time and select the most advantageous offer. Because third party liability insurance is obligatory, customers are increasingly boldly heading towards the third party liability insurance calculator. In the initial phase using only him to compare with the offers of agents. Often, however, the amounts for the OC policy offered by the comparison websites look much better than the others.

Calculators and comparison engines - what will be the future?

The study "Global Car Insurance Market, Status and Forecast 2025" indicates very optimistic forecasts for 2018 - 2025 for motor insurance in the world. The report analyzes the United States, China, Europe, Japan and India.

Probably in Poland this phenomenon will be analogous, related to the ongoing process of digitization of insurance companies themselves, but also the freedom to navigate the network of Polish clients.

In other branches of online sales, customer expectations regarding digitization are usually high. Therefore, a tool such as an OC calculator will slowly and gradually take over some of the customers who today use traditional direct selling models.

Małgorzata Dawid - Economist and e-commerce specialist. She gained experience in such industries as logistics, sales and training. Editor-in-Chief of Mfind Academy, content manager, author of books and specialist in network marketing. On a daily basis, she creates content for websites, is the author of a blog, writes to the press and deals with consultancy in the field of social media.

Do OC calculators conquer the insurance market?


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