DiPocket and Żabka join forces. They tempt customers with the Up and Go payment card

Payment card without a visit to the bank? Why not. Fintech DiPocket and the Żabka chain store presented their new idea. This is the Up and Go payment card, whose account can be managed from the smartphone application.

New on the Polish market the possibility of using a payment card and opening a personal account without the need to visit the bank - so the Żabka network promotes the Up and Go payment card. This is another facilitation for clients created together with the fintech DiPockat , who for three years has shown Poles that a bank and payment card is not the only possible relationship .

Our mission is to provide consumers with an alternative to traditional banking services, in the form of inexpensive and intelligent solutions available at the touch of a phone screen - explains Fedele Di Maggio , DiPocket CEO.

Żabka offers new purchases.

Such an option, to enable customers to pay for purchases bypassing banking reality, appealed to the Żabka network. This one wants to associate customers with only the most modern solutions. First she showed self-service shops, then used artificial intelligence .

In March, in turn, Żabka's customers could purchase prepaid cards to Amazon.de. During the premiere of this solution, Przemysław Tomaszewski, director of sales and development of services at Żabka, argued that the development of such mechanisms is expected by customers. The natural consequence was therefore to undertake a joint project with the DiPocket fintech.

Up and Go payment card, or DiPocket with Żabka chain.

The effect of cooperation between the Żabka chain and DiPocket fintechem is the Up and Go payment card. With the plastic in hand, which we can buy in Żabka stores, we will do little. But when you download the Up and Go app to your smartphone , the situation changes.

There are no charges for using this card and domestic transfers. When withdrawing from ATMs you have to be more careful. By paying with the Up and Go card, you will not pay the commission only if you do so at Santander Bank Polska ATMs or using the Żabka cashback. In other cases, you will have to reach into your pocket. The fee for using other ATMs in Poland and Europe is 5 PLN (or 1 pound / 1.20 EUR / 1.5 USD). We will pay PLN 5 for a bank transfer in EUR within the EU. Transferring dollars or pounds will cost us 15 zlotys in turn. An express transfer - PLN 45.

You can spend more with a photo of a document.

Registration is two steps. The first is selfie, and the second optional message is a photo of the ID document. We can not do this, but then we automatically accept certain restrictions on the Up and Go card. By registering only with the help of a selfie, we will be able to use the card only in Poland and some spending limits will apply to us: up to a thousand zloties per day or per month and up to 10,000. PLN annually.

If, in addition to a selfie, we also send a photo of the ID, we can spend up to 40,000 each day with the Up and Go card. PLN, and monthly up to PLN 150,000 zł. The restriction on payments outside Poland will also disappear. With the Up and Go DiPocket and Żabki cards, we will also make purchases in other European countries, using not only the zloty, but also the euro, the US dollar and the British pound.

DiPocket and Żabka join forces. They tempt customers with the Up and Go payment card


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