Deaf customers of PKO Bank Polski will be able to use the sign language interpreter in outlets

PKO Bank Polski has set a goal. Deaf people are to be served at the same level as hearing customers. Migam sign language interpreter is the key solution.

Examples of Nest Bank or Credit Agricole , when Internet banking has not been adjusted to the capabilities of disabled people, do not fill with optimism. One could assume that the whole sector treats people with disabilities who are neglected. But it's not like that. The troublemakers themselves try to fix the mistakes, apologizing on the occasion.

What's more, all of them look at their hands on this specific market. The stumbling of some concentrates the attention of others. The same is true of people with disabilities. After the mishaps that show that in this aspect our banking is not rosy, some examples have appeared that indicate that banks can also be caring about their clients.

PKO Bank Polski bows to deaf people.

PKO Bank Polski has just informed about its special facilities for clients with disabilities. The message conveyed to the media shows that PKO wants deaf customers to not feel any differences in handling.

Our goal is to offer the same level of service to all customers and the perception of the bank as an institution breaking the barrier, focused on modern technologies - says Marcin Izdebski from the Digital Services Department responsible for the implementation of the project.

Translator Migam in every institution.

All thanks to the sign language interpreter online called Migam . You can use it at any branch of PKO Bank Polski. The service was implemented in cooperation with MIGAM "RKPK" Sp. from ooska .

Thanks to the solution implemented by us - an online sign language translator available through a smartphone - deaf customers can use banking products and comfortably talk about possible solutions with a bank advisor in virtually every municipality in Poland - in one of our branches - says Martyna Pakuła from the Sales Quality Office at PKO Bank Polski.

Migam - how does it work?

Migam online sign language interpreter service is very simple. To be able to use it in the first place, you must start a video call with a banking advisor - eg using your smartphone. We have to go to the translator Migam website and click on the "Connect with translator" button. And ready.

Translations take place as a video call. The interpreter mediates in contact the client - advisor and translates the sign language into spoken and vice versa. Online translator service is available to customers during business hours. You do not have to make an appointment for a meeting with an online sign language interpreter.

But it is worth remembering that using a Migam interpreter requires internet access and may involve a fee for the data packet used.

Deaf customers of PKO Bank Polski will be able to use the sign language interpreter in outlets


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