Conspiracy theories: Denver airport headquarters of the Illuminati

The buildings have always been the inspiration of various conspiracy theories. Especially the mysterious, which are hard to get and which little is known for: the Pentagon or the Palace of Culture and Science. It happens that a huge number is growing around the buildings: this was the case with the World Trade Center . However, the undisputed leader in the number of conspiracies surrounding one place is ... the Denver airport in the US state of Colorado.

The Denver airport is considered a manifestation of the New Order and the World Government. As usual in the logic of conspiracy theorists are united by a great mystery and ... free tips everywhere wherever possible. This does not prevent the supporters of conspiracy theories from calling him ... the secret NWO base.

The NWO, from the English words New World Order - the New World Order , is a pivotal conspiracy meta-theory, suggesting that most (or all!) Changes on Earth and political decisions are the result of one secret arrangement. NWO also has one strange feature: it leaves allusions to its secret plans everywhere.

Opened in 1995, the Denver Airport (DEN) replaced the previously worn and stagnant Stapleton airport. The location of the new airport allows less exposure of residential areas to noise and to avoid snowing in the winter. Thanks to a modern design, it is also the first airport in the United States to receive ISO 14001 certification. The interior and interior of the airport are also designed to please modern tastes - in the halls you will find paintings and frescoes ordered especially for the airport, and the terminal has a roof that is shaped it is to resemble the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

So I suspect that it was this modernity that caused the conspiracy theories to burst forth on this complex of buildings and runways. Here are the most interesting ones.

The runways were arranged in the shape of a swastika

All you need to do is look at the aerial photo to see that you must have a lot of good will to see just swastika in ordinary stripes at right angles. Such a distribution of runways is quite typical - it allows simultaneous starts in various directions. Of course, the apoplantic minds of conspiracy theorists see here what they want to see.

Information about the planned plague was placed on the floor

According to this theory, the airport is the epitome of depopulation plans using a controlled, artificially induced plague. On the floors, there is a code describing a new strain of hepatitis virus.

In fact, these are names in the Navajo Indian language, except for two mysterious words: Braaksma and Villarreal. Short searches, however, allow to solve this puzzle: the artists who designed the decor were Carolyn Braaksma and Mark Villareal.

On the walls there is a preview of the planned depopulation

Many murals have been placed on the walls of the terminal, two of which diptychs attracted the attention of those advocating conspiracy theories. Both two-piece works are created by the same artist: Leo Tanguma. One is entitled Children of the world dream of peace and the other In peace and harmony with nature .

The idea for the works was as follows: in the first part we see evil: war, dictatorial power, oppression, and in the case of the second mural, children watching animals and plants only behind the glass in the museum.

The second part of the murals are respectively happy children, the word "peace" in many languages ​​(including Polish) and turning weapons on plowshares. There are also people, plants and animals in a colorful paradise.

Sounds innocent, right?

However, when you have a conspiracy mind, you see in this order: depopulation of humanity with the help of the army, the elite protected against the apocalypse (these animals behind the glass). Oh, and on the floor near the murals are the symbols: Au Ag (symbols of silver and gold mined in Colorado), interpreted in the plot as "lethal toxin Australia Antigen." The Australian antigen actually exists, however, it has the symbol HBS and ... can be used to immunize the population for viral hepatitis. Does the world government have an even more devilish plan to inoculate everyone so that they do not get sick. And, wait, this is also one of the conspirators.

And now two really strange, and true, facts about Denver Airport.

The demonic sculpture of a horse killed a man

A demonic-looking mustang stands in front of the terminal. His eyes are shining, and he looks like he has run from hell. In addition, in 2006, he killed his creator, sculptor Luis Jimenez, who dropped a fragment of the monument.

The cornerstone contains a dedication and masonic symbols

According to custom, the foundation stone contains a dedication to New World Airport Commision , an allegedly non-existent organization that is associated with NWO. As usual, the global government of the new order could not hide its existence. In addition, he has masonic symbols - and thanks, among others for the Masonic Lodge. Next to it is a tablet, on which the same is repeated in the Braille alphabet (and the conspirators - seriously - believe that this is a keyboard on which you can start the process of killing the Earth's population).

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* Photographs of artworks from Denver International Airport courtesy of Denver International Airport.

Conspiracy theories: Denver airport headquarters of the Illuminati


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