Choosing Plus you will get 10 zlotys. Promotion has begun in Żabka

The green operator established a partnership with a green chain of stores. Starting today, buyers of the Plus network will receive a bonus of PLN 10 to be spent in Żabka.

Mobile networks are trying to convince subscribers to buy services in their own ways. Good range, attractive price, interesting offers for equipment and additional services are just the beginning.

The latest idea of ​​Plus is the addition of prepaid e-discount codes to prepaid SIM cards that will allow you to pay slightly less for your daily purchases. In this way, you can collect money spent on topping up your account.

Plus network prepaids and rebate in Żabka

The latest promotion of the green operator includes starters with SIM cards enabling use of the Plus Na Karte and Plush na Karta tariffs. After purchasing the starter and recharging it with the amount of min. 10 PLN subscribers will receive a special e-code.

The value of the e-code is PLN 10 - the same as the minimum recharge amount. This means that you can get it back at the checkout in the Żabka stores chain of your choice. The promotion covers all stores of this network throughout the country.

plus a frog PLN 10 promotion

PLN 10 for purchases in Żabki from Plus - promotion terms.

In order to take advantage of the promotion and get a discount code for shopping, the Plus or Plush network starter must be bought and registered at the Poczta Polska outlet. Then just top up your account with min. PLN 10 E-discount code will be sent to customers via SMS.

The promotional code entitling to a discount can be used to purchase any products. The waiting time for sending it is up to 72 hours. The promotion lasts until the end of April 2019 or "until the stock of e-codes is exhausted". The codes themselves can be processed by May 31, 2019.

Choosing Plus you will get 10 zlotys. Promotion has begun in Żabka


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