Capcom shows its own "console"

It's ugly. Is expensive. And it's retro. The "Capcom" console is nothing more than an arcade stick controller that we connect to the TV with an HDMI cable. On the Capcom Home Arcade, 16 classic games were pre-installed, which in no way explain the high price of the device.

The idea itself is very interesting. The Capcom gaming publisher combines a dual arcade stick controller with a retro console. The built-in memory has 16 classic Capcom hits, which are activated by connecting the controller to the TV with an HDMI cable. In this way, the whole package - console, double pad and games - we get in the form of one solid. Unfortunately, it can not do without an additional power cable.

Capcom Home Arcade is clearly different from the average arcade stick controller.

Capcom's "console" features a double knob and button layout. Thanks to this, two digital retro enthusiasts can play at Home Arcade simultaneously. Depending on the title, players can compete (Street Fighter 2) or cooperate (Alien vs Predator) in front of one screen. A great idea, worse with performance. Looking at the controller's body, I dare think that together the players will have to sit close together. Really. Near. Each other. Not everyone can answer it.

The components that were used to create the quaint arcade of the stool should be responsible for this. The controller uses a part of Sanwa. It is a recognized Japanese company, well known to brawling enthusiasts and arcade salons. Therefore, we can be rather calm about the quality of the double rain. Turning Shoryuken on Street Fighter will not be a problem.

The tested FB Alpha emulator will answer the games.

FB Alpha is a free project that you can download, among others from GitHuba . Unfortunately, it seems that Capcom did not make any additional modifications to the code. This means that classic games will not undergo any additional processing or editing. Just like on a PS Classic console, you'll have to come to terms with just the right 4: 3 aspect ratio and no sharpening. Detriment. Nintendo has proven years ago that you can do real visual wonders with iconic games by spending your own retro consoles. Capcom, however, preferred to go on the easy way.

As I mentioned earlier, there will be 16 pre-installed Capcom games in the Home Arcade. This is a very modest comparison, taking into account the gigantic output of this publisher in the 90s. I am almost shocked by such a modest number of productions. The full library looks as follows:

  • 1944: The Loop Master
  • Alien vs. Predator
  • Armored Warriors
  • Capcom Sports Club
  • Captain Commando
  • Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
  • Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Eco Fighters
  • Final Fight
  • Ghouls' n Ghosts
  • Gigawing
  • Mega Man: The Power Battle
  • ProGear
  • Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
  • Strider
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Retro fashion does not justify the high price. Capcom Home Arcade costs ... 250 dollars.

On the one hand, I understand such a high price. For a little less I bought my own arcade stackable for PlayStation 4. My Razer Panthera cost $ 199. Although it is an astronomical sum, I do not regret a cent. In the case of the Capcom device, the controller is dual, hence an even higher price seems obvious. However, if I understand the reason for such a high price of the "console", I do not understand the players who decide to buy it.

Purchasing a dual arcade stiker for a modest library of 16 games is like buying a Humvee to go to the market every Saturday. You can, but it is difficult to find a logical justification for this state of affairs. Capcom Arcade Stick is too expensive not only as a retro console, but also in relation to the library of titles offered. That is why I doubt that the product will be successful for NES Mini and SNES Mini.

Capcom shows its own "console"


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