Blood & Truth on PSVR on the last straight. We were defending another mission in New York - first impressions

Adding a pinch of British humor to shooting in virtual reality is a recipe for success. The creators of Blood & Truth on PSVR are well aware of this. And I'm sharpening my teeth waiting for the premiere .

Marvel's Iron Man VR and Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted is not the only new PlayStation VR gaming I've ever had the chance to test. During the PSVR Showcase 2019 event organized by Sony in New York, I checked numerous other titles. From turkeys to really large and ambitious projects.

One of them is the promising Blood & Truth .

Developers from SIE London Studios working on the new game have previously created a short shootout of London Heist, which was part of a set of five Sony goggles called VR Worlds. Blood & Truth is the spiritual successor of that production. Again, it combines the atmosphere of the 1980s cinema action and British humor.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time in the Blood & Truth demo I played a year ago during ... PSVR Showcase 2018. However, because the premiere is already at the belt - the game will go on sale on May 25, 2019 - the creators decided to boast of the next level on this year's edition of this event.

blood and truth psvr playstation vr 1

New game, new year, new mission.

In the previous demo Blood & Truth I had the opportunity to play the secret agent who broke into the casino. Now a stage has been put at my disposal, which began with the interrogation scene. A haunted fellow scolded my hero and enumerated all his offenses.

After a short chat, it's time for a typical flashback. It turns out in it that the main character Blood & Truth in the past was a soldier. I found the desert in his skin. I saw planes in the sky and bombs exploding in the distance. Oh, a typical Tuesday in the Middle East for the average popcorn eater.

Then it was the turn of meat, or action.

During the mission, I stole first, and then I conducted a fire exchange with many enemies at the same time. To go further, I had to climb the ladder, fix myself with the lock using the lockpick and cut through the bonds binding the companion, whom I had to save.

blood and truth psvr playstation vr 1

There were of course explosive barrels and a daring sequence with jumping on the roofs when bullets whirred around the ear. I finally got a car ride, during which my companion was driving, and I had to wash for motorcycles and cars.

Blood & Truth brings to mind the so-called "shooters" rails.

Usually, in classic shootings, the player can explore the locations with his own pace. Of course, often the maps are really cleverly characterized corridors with numerous legs, but the level designers are doubled and tiring, so that we would have at least the impression of freedom of choice.

Blood & Truth is more like an ... interactive movie. Due to the limitations of virtual reality, the player can not move freely around the map. Instead, the game provides only a few specific scenes, between which you can move smoothly.

blood and truth playstation vr 2018 1

Fortunately, teleportation is not characteristic of many PSVR games.

The character moves in two ways. The first allows you to discover further areas of the map by pressing the main button on the Move controller. The second is to jump in the selected area between the shields of the remaining buttons under the thumb, which is useful after the start of the shooting.

Added to this are sequences in which the character is constantly moving - by car or on foot - and the player's task is only shooting. They are very effective despite the fact that graphic design, as is usual in PSVR goggles games, is not particularly enchanting due to technical limitations.

I only hope that the levels in Blood & Truth will be varied.

On the spot I had the opportunity to talk to the creators of Blood & Truth, including Iain Wright (Design Director) and Anthony Filice (Art Director). According to their estimation, the game should take about 7-8 hours for the first time. That would be a great result for a title written with PSVR goggles in mind.

blood and truth playstation vr 2018 1

May it not be that players will be weary. Both missions that I have played so far have, in fact, the same construction. First, the player sneaks, then something goes wrong, the shooting begins, and the sequence is the crowning of the action. It is possible, however, that something extra will appear in the full version.

Another of my fears is that after passing Blood & Truth there will be no reason to come back to this title. In the game, however, there are to be unlocks, such as enlarged magazines or finders, thanks to which time spent with the game may be longer. I will be able to answer the question of whether this will happen after the full version has been released.

Blood & Truth on PSVR on the last straight. We were defending another mission in New York - first impressions


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