Assassin s Creed Kingdom with vikings will debut in 2020. The game in The Division 2 betrays the game

Ubisoft is known for blinking the eye of the players. Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon, The Division, Assassin's Creed - the main series of the French publisher often get into a funny, interesting and ingenious way. In this way, producers lead the game with fans, counting on their inquisitiveness and perceptiveness. This time, The Division 2 developers left hints about the upcoming Assassin's Creed in the game.

The player who nicknamed AlifMorrisonudin made the first discovery . The explorer shared a poster he found exploring dangerous Washington in The Division 2. The graphic depicts a Norse deity clothed in the colors of the assassins: white and red. Of course, the colors of the garments are far too little to speak of any reference to Assassin's Creed. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what the deity holds in his hand. It is nothing but the Apple of Eden itself.

The apple of Eden (also known as the Paradise Apple) is a powerful artifact that is well known to every Assassin's Creed fan. The subject appeared in many scenes of the series, and with time it turned out that there are many more artifacts. A person using Eden could count on great wisdom or great power. The use of Apples, however, had its price, although it was not possible to perceive the immediate consequences of communing with First Civilization technology on every owner.

The Nordic deity, the Apple of Eden and Valhalla - these are the trailers of Assassin's Creed Kingdom.

The discovery of AlifMorrisonudina was confirmed by Jason Schreier - one of the best growing journalists in the world, working in the Kotaku editorial office. Schreier is known for his extensive connections with publishers and developers. The editor has his own network of trusted informers, thanks to which he revealed the mass of information on video games and the entire industry. In a word: it is a trustworthy person whose sources are solid, and reports reliable and worth attention.

Jason Schreier reported that for several months he has knowledge of the Vikings in the new Assassin's Creed. The working-named Kingdom project is expected to appear in 2020. The previously mentioned Vikings, village assaults and robbery will be characteristic elements of production. Unfortunately, at this moment we do not know anything more. Considering that Ubisoft still has several - several months for the production process, the game can still be at a relatively early stage. Many elements and concepts may change, but the Nordic climate seems to be 100% certain.

Nordic Assassin's Creed Kingdom? I am definitely on.

With the eyes of my imagination, I can see how together with the Vikings we are sailing in a small boat. It is a foggy morning. You can only see the torches announcing that we are approaching the shore. We silently dip our feet in the water and walk around the area. Without any unnecessary noise, we kill the first guards who sleep at the station. When the biggest threat goes by, we scream to the settlement. Rabia. We smoke. Grabimy. Villagers scatter in panic. The guards get on their horses and gallop rush into town for meals. When these appear on the spot, we will not be around. With the trunks full of spoils back, we will immerse ourselves in the fog.

Assassin's Creed Kingdom with vikings will debut in 2020. The game in The Division 2 betrays the game


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