Artificial meat has just gained a powerful ally. Burger King introduces a new type of burger

Artificial meat has just gained a powerful ally. The Burger King restaurant chain has teamed up with the creators of Impossible Burger to offer a meatless burger in every restaurant.

The thing is for now 7200 Burger King points in the United States, but if the example goes from above, it is not excluded that the Impossible Whopper will also come to Europe. Everything is on the right track. The chain of restaurants has conducted preliminary tests in 59 restaurants around St. Louis. They were successful so far that by the end of 2019 Impossible Whopper should be available in every premises .

Impossible Burger is the best alternative to the meat we have.

I had the pleasure of checking Impossible Burger, on which the Impossible Whopper is based, during a visit to Redmond. If you want to learn more, how it tastes and what "artificial meat" is made - I refer you to the relationship .

I can not say that Impossible Burger tastes like a burger made of real meat, but it is close enough to satisfy even the most fastidious ones. Burger King officers apparently think so too, since they decide to introduce a new burger to the offer.

This decision also means that the introduction of a dish with artificial meat can be beneficial financially, both for the network and for the customer - the Impossible Whopper is expected to cost only 1 dollar. more than the traditional Whopper.

Burger King is not the only network that carries out a meatless offensive.

In the United States alone, the number of units, both independent and chain stores, where Impossible Meat and Beyond Meat products are served is constantly growing. But it is not everything.

McDonald's since 2017 has been testing meatless menus in various parts of Europe. A McVegan burger based on soy is available in Finland and Sweden. In Norway, you can buy a meatless McFeast. Vegan burger tests are successful enough that the network is considering expanding their availability to other countries this year.

Of course, eating in chains will still be eating in chains. Even the meatless Mac burger remains stuffed with an extra dose of salt and sugars. It is also not a little less calorific than a meat burger. Therefore, we can not say that we would exaggerately gain from the health side (apart from eliminating red meat from the carcinogenic diet).

On the Burger King and McDonald's move, our Planet can benefit.

This is not about ideology.

Contrary to what many carnivores probably think, the introduction of meatless alternatives to popular restaurant chains is not about vegan lobbies and imposing ideologies (although it is nice that people who do not eat meat have more and more outlets in which they can eat).

Reducing meat consumption, especially by large chains, is crucial to reducing climate change caused by human activity.

In the United States alone, cattle breeding is the second largest source of methane emissions to the atmosphere. Methane, according to EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) is responsible for climate change in as much as 25 percent.

Research also proves that, contrary to the claims of die-hard defenders of the right to eat meat (recently this argument was used by Joe Rogan in a podium with Russell Brand ), switching to grass-fed cattle would not solve the problem, but only worsened it.

Apart from almost five times more demand for fields, after which "free cows" could run and feed grass, measurements carried out by USDA-ARS proved that grass-fed cows produce three times more methane than cows fed with feed.

And although it is also proved that cows on "free grazing" are healthier, and hence, healthier is also obtained from meat (this is done in a slightly more humane way than in industrial farming, although of course - killing it killing), so complete replacement of meat products, omitting all ideologies, is simply simpler and more beneficial for our Planet.

We are left to count on the fact that meatless initiatives will start to spread in Poland too, although everything is on our way well. The next premises introduce the products of our competitor Impossible Burger - Beyond Meat. Recently, even the Krowarzywa burger network has introduced it to its offer .

This is, of course, only the beginning, but every move to limit climate change caused by human action is a good move.

Artificial meat has just gained a powerful ally. Burger King introduces a new type of burger


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