Are you going to run today or rest better? The answer can be found in the watch

Few athletes will forget or miss another training. However, many of them - mainly amateurs - forget about another extremely important factor during the preparation for takeoffs - regeneration. And yes, a sports watch can help.

It might seem that the most important thing during the implementation of the training plan is ... to complete all the trainings. Additionally, they are being implemented faster and faster, with increasing load, expecting better and better results.

Such an approach, however, will quickly lead to overtraining, and consequently not even to the lack of improvement of results, but to their deterioration. Often, beginners discover that they are just discovering running, running more and more, more and more and not making any progress.

How can you deal with this problem and how do you know when to rest and how? They found out about this, among others participants of the Watch My Way.

Karolina: sleep and rest are essential.

Karolina has gone through an unsuccessful attempt to run a marathon, which greatly strained her strength. Therefore, the previous week she trained a bit calmer, defeating 25 km during three workouts.

What is the use of Huawei Watch GT Active here? According to Karolina, he monitored the heart rate perfectly - the optical heart rate sensor in the watch provided almost identical data, which is less convenient, but considered to be a determinant, to measure the chest. Thanks to this, it was possible to check whether regenerative workouts were too intense. The point is not to train in this period at all, but to train with your head.

With the Huawei Watch GT Active and the Huawei Health application, Karolina also reads other extremely important data on regeneration. The watch is able to monitor and analyze our sleep, providing information not only about the length of sleep, but also its division into phases. Knowing that we sleep too short, or our sleep is of poor quality, we can work on running results ... without leaving home. Just lie down to sleep a little earlier or make sure that you sleep better in some way.

The result of such small changes can be surprising when it comes to training results. And it is much easier to discover that something with our sleep is wrong, if we have a complete table with results from, for example, the last few months.

David: a necessary rest after the marathon

David was also convinced about the importance of regeneration. During the first run after the marathon the watch showed the heart rate about 15 beats per minute higher than usual. Fatigue of the organism also translated into results - David's pace was 20 seconds slower than normal.

Solution? Huawei Watch GT Active advised an 18-hour rest. David obeyed, took two days off, then returned to training, with a fresh supply of strength. And it was a great training hit - not another, aggravating training, and just two days of full regeneration.

The information about the rest time is not all that Huawei Watch GT Active can do. On the watch (as well as in the Huawei Health app) we find, among others information about our current training load. This in turn may allow us to better adjust the subsequent stages of the training program to the current possibilities. If we are on the verge of overtraining, maybe it is better to do lighter training, or strong accents to move one day? And if, in turn, our training load is too low, maybe it's time to add a few more intense workouts and a little turn up the pace to get better results?

Many running people are not as lucky as the participants of Watch My Way, and can not use the advice of a professional trainer, relying only on ready training plans from the Internet. And these plans are usually very general, not taking into account our capabilities, level of training or experience. Although the watch can not fully replace professional advice, it can suggest when we are applying too much to the training, and when the opposite - we try too weakly.

Michał: better sleep and better condition

At the previous stages of Watch My Way, Michał learned through Watch Watch Active and the weight of the Huawei Smart Scale that he should eat healthier. Now, to this information can join one more, which theoretically is not related to running training - should sleep longer.

According to data from Huawei Health, Michał sleeps an average of about 6 hours. And although the REM phase and deep sleep are more than 40 percent in total. all rest, its total length is not sufficient for full regeneration and obtaining adequate reserves of strength . And if we are not properly rested, neither training nor the start will definitely not go our way.

In addition to acquiring the habit of going to sleep early, Michał is still working on several typical running elements. For example, Huawei Watch GT Active helps him to work on the technique of running. Until now, Michał had a definitely too low term (less than 160 steps per minute). Constant monitoring of this parameter during running allowed the result to be increased to 173 steps per minute, which brings it closer to the ideal 180 steps.

With each passing week, thanks to the analysis of data from the sport watch and the help of a professional trainer, Michał solves most of the problems he had when joining the action. And who knows - maybe these monthly preparations will help achieve the goal set at the start?

You can learn more about Watch My Watch at this address .

* The material was created in cooperation with the Huawei brand.

Are you going to run today or rest better? The answer can be found in the watch


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