Apple wants you to never lose your iPhone, family, wallet, keys and friends. The smart keyring will hit the offer

Apple plans to combine the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into one. The smart keychain of the iPhone manufacturer can also be sold.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are two Apple applications, thanks to which I do not have gray hair on my head. The first of them calmed me down once when I was worried that I or someone close to me had lost one of Apple's devices. Despite the name, it can be used to track not only phones, but also tablets, laptops and watches, but even headphones.

The second program allows me to monitor the location of family members and close friends in real time. Since the purpose of both applications is similar, I am not surprised that Apple plans to combine them into one. Reports that the manufacturer plans to add a gadget to track keys, wallets, bags and backpacks are not surprising.

GreenTorch, or Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in one application

According to Slashgear , in the company from Cupertino, the application connecting the friends' locator with the device locator is now called the GreenTorch code name. Under what name it will go to end devices, it is not yet decided. Probably the base for the new application will be the current Find My iPhone, and the functions known from Find My Friends will go to the section called Find Network.

What is interesting, however, in addition to the refreshed application, Apple has allegedly a completely new device with the code name B389. It would be something like a key ring, which after a short circuit with keys, a wallet, a bag or a backpack would allow locating the loss, and the location could be shared with family or friends. Of course, it should be noted that Apple does not discover the wheel here. Similar products were already available.

Apple's key ring, however, could have an advantage over similar gadgets created by Tile and other startups.

Not only GPS and Bluetooth modules in Apple brand devices belonging to the user could be used to locate the loss, but also sensors in the devices of all other owners of Apple devices - even those who did not install any additional applications. The producer could create the entire network that would track down the wreckage.

Of course, this raises some concerns about privacy issues, and it may turn out that remote sensing will increase power consumption, but I would be pleased if such a global network would help in the future locate the lost wallet. Acting in this way Apple keyrings I would probably buy immediately for the whole family.

Apple wants you to never lose your iPhone, family, wallet, keys and friends. The smart keyring will hit the offer


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