Apple versus Qualcomm - a true story

iPhones will use 5G modems produced by Qualcomm. This (probably) the end of the fascinating war that took place between two lawyer branches. They won her accountants.

Qualcomm finally got along with Apple. The reserve chief announced that the companies are forsaking all judicial clashes for good. This is the end of the war-time lawyers, a war that simply stopped paying for Apple.

The fun of the lawyers was stopped at the best time. After years of preparation, they finally had the chance to appear before the court and shine with eloquence and all collected materials. Initial speeches were beginning.

Apple , the European Commission and the Federal Trade Commission are in agreement. Qualcomm abuses the monopoly position.

It all began in January 2017. Apple then accused Qualcomm that this, taking advantage of the fact that it has a market monopolisty position, makes himself pay for modems as for grain. In the case of ordinary items, let's give a smartphone, the excessive price is not an allegation that could be turned into a lawsuit, but in this case the situation was a little different. Apple argued that Qualcomm's greed would result in detriment to the entire industry and prevent its development.

Not only Apple has a lot to say about how Qualcomm adheres to the principles of competitiveness. Just one week after the case was brought to court by a well-known fruit company, the Federal Trade Commission spoke on the same matter. And gave the manufacturer modems on the brackets. The commission said that the company is demanding too much for technology, which is a key industry standard, and what Apple rightly claims can not be done.

In addition, there were allegations that Qualcomm is demanding higher royalties from its customers who also buy competitive modems. A similar thread resounded in Europe.

Last year, the European Commission commented on its adherence to competitiveness by Qualcomm. After years of investigation, she came to the conclusion that the company owes a fine of EUR 997 million. It went for a deal that the company made with, and how, Apple. European politicians do not like the fact that Qualcomm is paying billions of dollars to the Cupertino company for the fact that iPads and iPhones will not show the chips of competition, in practice blocking its access to a very important market player.

Qualcomm: Apple infringes our patents and spies for Intel .

In July 2017, Qualcomm switched to a counterattack. He also chose the patent for the weapon, but of course he did it from a slightly different perspective. Now he was the victim.

According to Qualcomm, Apple violates 6 patents related to solutions that allow for longer battery life. As a punishment, the company wanted to introduce a ban on the sale of iPhones in the United States. It was not quite successful, but the battle was fought on many fronts, including some successfully. At the beginning of the year, the German court agreed with Qualcomm and ordered the withdrawal of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 from stores in Germany.

In 2018, Qualcomm also attacked Apple on a different front. He had previously publicly doubted that Apple properly protected his source code, but he did not point directly to premeditated activity. He finally changed his mind. According to Qualcomm, Apple had to share with competitors confidential information and trade secrets that a trusted modem manufacturer entrusted to him. The speed of Intel modems was to improve not because its engineers finally found a solution to their problems, but because they got unexpected help from the growers. Apple was to pass on the solutions used by Qualcomm. In support of his allegations, the company is to have, inter alia, documents in which Intel employees complain to Apple that they can not open Qualcomm files.

Where Qualcomm wades, Intel will be in there.

As a result of these disputes freed from the contracts Apple began to use the Intel modems. What's more, all signs in the sky, the earth and in the guts of birds indicated that the iPhone 5G will also have a solution in the heart of Intel. It did not happen. Instead, we received a sudden end to a long-standing dispute, which left observers with a hand hanging inertly above the keyboard. It is difficult to explain what happened without giving yourself guesses and speculations.

And they lived happily ever after, bringing together small 5G modems.

Unfortunately, in these times of cynicism, nobody really believes that the great chief Tim Cook before Easter came to the conclusion that he forgives Qualcomm of his guilt , and that the modem provider made a sacrifice for the sacramental as we forgive our culprits. Most commentators who do not feel the magic of spring, upcoming holidays and global love point to slightly more mundane reasons for such a decision. The most important of them may be Intel, specifically the readiness of its 5G modems. The company reportedly collapsed one by one until it finally ran out of information that Intel was giving up all of this event at all and was not going to make 5G modems.

If Apple has already noticed that Intel's solution is not promising and would leave it on the ice, he could feel in his heart a sudden need for forgiveness and for throwing away long-standing feuds. It is true that the company supposedly delegated its engineers to create their own modems, but it seems that this is just the sweet singing of the future. The future is much further than the necessity of having 5G modems.

Apple paid to Qualcomm and signed a new contract with him. So far for 6 years with the possibility of extending it by another two. In addition, Apple's new best friend will be delivering chips to his favorite phone maker for many years. The contract was concluded on the first of April.

Apple versus Qualcomm - a true story


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