Apple is preparing a 6K monitor for the new Mac Pro. Such a screen will embarrass iMaki

The new Apple brand monitor may appear on sale later this year. Owners of iMac computers will look at this screen with envy.

Rumors about the new generation of the monitor from the computer manufacturer with the macOS system come back cyclically. Apple had in its offer independent screens called Thunderbolt Display. It also manufactures all-in-one computers with great 5K screens, but does not sell screens of this type.

Holders of Mac Pro and Mac mini computers and MacBook laptops must be satisfied with the screens of other companies.

A few years ago, the company from Cupertino even began to promote the LG brand line of monitors as the perfect companion for macOS computers. There is no doubt that LG UltraFine 4K and LG UltraFine 5K were designed for the new MacBooks and only for them.

There was even a classical set of ports for USB-C / Thunderbolt 3, and there was a proprietary solution that allows you to control the volume of the monitor from the operating system level. So far, monitors from the LG Ultrafine series have not got direct successors.

LG develops a portfolio of 4K and 5K monitors, and the offer includes even the 5K2K ultrapanoramic model. The next screens of this company are equipped with a standard set of ports. I will not be surprised if this manufacturer in the future will not be able to monitor only the Mac.

Another display for computer owners with the logo of a bitten apple on the casing can be produced by Apple itself.

This year, a 31.6-inch Apple screen with a 6K resolution will appear , complementing the brand new Mac Pro . The screen in the monitor is to be illuminated in the mini-LED technology, which is a step towards micro-LED technology. This has the potential to become a competition for OLEDs.

We expect the presentation of the monitor before the holidays during the WWDC conference. The premiere can take place already in the third quarter of 2019. It is not known whether next to the successor of the Apple Thunderbolt Display with a screen of 6K resolution will appear a new variant of the iMac computer with the same matrix.

We learned that the company should use mini-LED screens to produce devices from a different category. It is expected that at the turn of 2020 and 2021, displays made in this technology will go to iPads (diagonal between 10 and 12 inches) and MacBooks (diagonal from 17 to 17 inches).

The question remains, what about Face ID.

Apple has a big mess in the security of its equipment. All new iPhones use Face ID . The face recognition system also went to the new iPads Pro. For older phones and cheaper tablets, the company still uses a fingerprint reader.

In the world of computers, the only line of biometrically protected equipment are notebooks. For Mac Pro, Mac mini and iMac, and when using closed laptops connected to an external screen, users are doomed to enter passwords.

Until now, there has not been a Magic Keyboard with a fingerprint reader and I do not believe that it will ever be created. More quickly, components will appear in Apple's monitors that will allow you to use Face ID while working on a computer screen.

Apple is preparing a 6K monitor for the new Mac Pro. Such a screen will embarrass iMaki


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