All the knowledge of this world at your fingertips. TOP 7 best applications for learning everything

Smartphones are great communication tools, better cameras and inexhaustible sources of entertainment. That's how we usually use them. However, there are services and applications that will transform our phone into an inexhaustible source of knowledge on any subject.

I belong to probably the last generation who used to go to the library to learn something new. At a time when the Internet was just being born, and the digitalization of knowledge so far gathered by humanity was still a distant prospect, it was the library that was the best place for theoretical learning.

When it came to practice, the options were not too much. Wanting to learn the piano well, I went to music school, and later I bought instructional DVD movies to learn the arcana of playing the guitar.

And I do not count the situations in which something interested me, but I let go of the topic, because it took too much time to explore it.

Today, knowledge is available at your fingertips. Literally.

All you have to do is pull your hand out of your pocket, along with your smartphone, to gain access to almost all of the world's knowledge. One query in the search engine separates us from the answers to the bothering question. A few clicks separate us from specialist knowledge, which not so long ago was available only on the path of formal education.

It is impossible to list all the services and places from which you can learn on your smartphone. However, there are a few that I particularly recommend:

Wolfram Alpha

The thing is not from my fairy tale (mathematics, brrr), but for the heavier heads it will probably be the best money spent on the application in life. In exchange for three dollars on iPhone or PLN 14 on Android, we get access to the most advanced calculator available for smartphones.

The best educational applications for smartphones. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha can not only solve actions, but also offers powerful tools in the fields of statistics, data analysis, physics, chemistry, astronomy and other exact sciences. An indispensable item for anyone who seriously links their lives with numbers.


Unlike many Udemy or Skillshare platforms, where practically anyone can create a course, edX offers over 2,000 specialist courses prepared in cooperation with leading universities from around the world (including Harvard, MIT and Oxford).

Although EdX is available on smartphones only in English (although selected courses are also available in other languages), we do not find the second such source of expertise in all kinds of areas across the Internet - from language learning, through history and philosophy, to programming languages ​​(courses are created in cooperation with Microsoft).

Participation in courses is mostly free. We pay only when we want to receive an official certificate of completion.


You do not need to present this application to anyone. Duolingo is the most popular and one of the most effective applications for learning foreign languages ​​at the basic level.

The best educational applications - Duolingo

Duolingo does one thing really well - it breaks the initial barrier that so many people detest from learning the language, through a series of simple challenges and the gamification of the whole process. Progress bars, badges and other rewards will effectively encourage you to continue using the application.

It's all for free.


Quizlet is an application to consolidate your knowledge that I would really like to have in college. In each semester I created thousands of "fiszki", or cards, on which on one side were written words in Polish, and on the other in English.

Fiszki is, besides, an excellent method of recording not only words but concepts from every field. It is a pity that so few teachers are encouraging to use it.

Quizlet application

Quizlet is nothing but virtual flashcards. We can create your own sets on your smartphone, depending on the current material, or browse the files created by other users. If that was not enough, the Quizlet allows students to share materials and even allows teachers to prepare material for their students.

In the basic version, the Quizlet app for smartphones is free, but displays ads. If we want to get rid of them, we have to pay a monthly fee of PLN 4.59 or PLN 54.99 to get rid of ads for the whole year.

Curiosity Stream

The platform created by the creator of the Discovery Channel is at this moment the richest and most coherent collection of documentary and para-documentary films on the Internet. It contains over 2,400 recordings, access to which costs only $ 3. monthly or $ 20 annually.

Every day new items appear in the Curiosity Stream database, and if you do not want to pay for access right away, the website offers 18 episodes for free, plus a seven-day trial period with access to the entire catalog.

From other VOD services, the platform distinguishes how well the entire film collection is neatly sorted. Finding interesting documents on Netfliks is a chore, while in Curiosity Stream they are sorted depending on the subject.

Many of them are not inferior to the super-series, which we so willingly absorb on our smartphones. Firing a document with Curiosity Stream on a modern phone with a beautiful screen, such as Samsung Galaxy S10 + or Huawei P30 Pro , we can count on a real feast for the eye.

Google Arts & Culture

Google's platform is much more than just a free collection of artworks available anywhere in the world.

It is an excellent source of knowledge about art. A place where we can take remote walks in the richest collections of the most renowned museums from around the world. And also a place where we can learn more about trends and specific artists, and read unique articles and interviews, prepared by the editors of the platform.

Google Arts & Culture also allows interesting use of the camera on your smartphone.

Instead of taking another selfie with the newly purchased Huawe P30 , it is worth to direct his excellent camera to himself in the Arts & Culture application, to discover portraits similar to the picture of our face .

You can also take a picture of an interesting combination of colors, and the application will search for images of similar colors.

Using Google AR Core technology, you can also view artworks in their actual size. Have you ever wondered what Mona Lisa would look like on the wall of your living room? Just point the camera at the wall and the application will display the picture in full scale. In this application, smartphones equipped with dedicated depth sensors that allow the augmented reality to better estimate the distance and location are the best - basic depth sensors can be found even in inexpensive smartphones like the Huawei P30 Lite , and some models, such as the Honor View 20 , are equipped with dedicated ToF (Time of Flight) sensor, allowing even more precise measurements.

The Google Arts & Culture app offers an incredible wealth of knowledge and culture for free. I recommend both an application on the phone and an extension to the Google Chrome browser, which every day displays a different image in the newly opened tab.


The application that each of us has pre-installed on an Android smartphone, we usually use ... wrong. Judging by what the "on time" tab presents, for most YouTube recipients it's a pseudo-funny challenge, jokes below the level of normal human tolerance and k-pop mixed with Polish rap music.

Meanwhile, YouTube is also the most common, the simplest to use and the most content-rich source of knowledge in the world . No matter what you want to learn - you will definitely find a YouTube channel that will meet your expectations. All you need to do is search for content outside the "on time" tab ...

* The material was created in cooperation with RTV EURO AGD

All the knowledge of this world at your fingertips. TOP 7 best applications for learning everything


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