5G Playa? It is no different from the advertising of cottage cheese

I am watching a discussion about whether 5G Ready or 5G Not Ready without much excitement, because the operator's accusations of unethical advertising are nothing new. However, I believe that there may be unexpected benefits for everyone from the week-long scandals that have gone off in the past week .

I have no doubt that in its communication Play plays with full awareness of associations with the 5G standard and a veiled suggestion that 5G is already waiting for subscribers in its network. For many, it's a scam - also for respectable people in our industry who know things above average. For me - not necessarily.

In general, it's hard for me to talk about fraud in the area of ​​marketing communication, which ... itself is a kind of fraud, for which there is no paragraph. What is the difference between 5G Ready Playa and the advertising of cottage cheese in which there is nothing about composition and nutritional values, but there is a smiling mother who serves sandwiches with this cottage cheese for a wonderful family breakfast, and then - one by one - expels the harvest and husband to school / work, and she goes for a walk with a beautiful golden? It goes for a good association and suggestion that this cottage cheese is associated with such a dream image for many years. Fraud? For me - not necessarily.

As for 5G Ready , the society will decide objectively, when the court will issue a final verdict brought by T-Mobile Polska against Play for an act of unfair competition.

I can not fail to mention that a few years ago the same T-Mobile communicated LTE 4G Ready on offer, in which LTE was not available (although the operator already had technology in the network, but in other offers). UPC Polska communicates "fiber optic internet", although it offers FTTB at best. Orange shakes it mercilessly, but the same Orange a few years ago was kind enough to define his VDSL - Neostrada Fiber. And in order to cut the divergence on the subject of "domestic cedisers" immediately, the fiber at VDSL was called by British BT earlier.

As if to remember, Play repeated the move from 2011 when (without much embarrassment) he baptized the 4G HSPA + network. Soon after, all operators launched "real 4G", which actually meets the standard ... from 2018. Next year, everyone will call 5G a good, respectable LTE-Advanced Pro. And the IMT-2020 / 5G standard will come in real life 2-3 years later.

So what am I to be afraid of? 5G Ready ? Free jokes!

I do not know if they are really upset at T-Mobile, or whether they have started the bonfire without emotions and are now adding oil to the cold. How to skillfully breed it will heat the whole nation! Nothing works as imaginatively as a dispute and allegations of fraud. I can see it both in our news about T-Mobile's claims and after the reaction to the whole mass media issue. Now technofreaks are going to uncover what is MIMO, 256QAM modulation, network synchronization and stormy discussions, whether to play or not chant, which is not a simple answer, so you can discuss it forever. From freaks goes knowledge to a mass audience, in which the belief that it is 5G, then ... hohohoho ... there must be something!

This somewhat funny, somewhat embarrassing, dispute can do more to popularize technology than all the shows of operators and vendors, which nobody believes too much, or any "digital future" complaints from politicians who do not know what they are talking about at all.

That is why I will be eager to listen to the discussion whether 5G Ready or not ready.

* title from the SW editorial office

Łukasz Dec - founder and editor of the TELKO.in website. A journalist in the technology industry for almost 20 years.

5G Playa? It does not differ from the advertising of cottage cheese


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